7 Most Popular Purchases by Baby Boomers

When thinking of baby boomers, a majority of us might picture an elderly couple afraid to use anything technology-related. There is a large misconception that the baby boomer population strays away from social media, internet surfing, and online shopping; however, baby boomers actually tend to make more purchases on the internet than any other generation. According to the average size of their shopping carts, it is safe to say that not only are baby boomers making plenty of purchases, but they are also spending much more than the average person.

According to Pew Research, the baby boomer generation controls over 70% of America's disposable income. When marketing products towards this generation, there are several factors kept in the minds of retailers:

  • Baby boomers have high expectations from customer service
  • This generation was born between 1946 and 1964
  • Baby boomers find shopping quite relaxing
  • Due to busy lifestyles, baby boomers value convenience

Statistics from the 2017 Global Online Consumer Report show that a majority of baby boomers tend to make their purchases using a laptop or PC, rather than a smartphone. It was also found that baby boomers tended to favor popular brands over personal favorites when purchasing products.

To date, there are seven main categories in which baby boomers make online purchases. They include:

  • Wine
  • Books
  • Healthcare products
  • Skincare
  • Household goods
  • Appliances
  • Cosmetics

When looking at the categories, you may wonder why baby boomers buy such expensive purchases. The explanation for this lies in their saved incomes and accumulated wealth. Because baby boomers have more disposable income, they can make much larger purchases than other generations. Here are a few reasons why these seven categories are most popular among baby boomers:

1. Wine

Baby boomers are very social and often consume wine in social gatherings or small events. Since the 90s, the baby boomer generation has been the driving force of the wine industry. To date, baby boomers tend to make more wine purchases per month than any other generation. Having grown up in a budding wine industry, most baby boomers feel a passion for wine that will remain for years to come.

2. Books

With more baby boomers using smart devices, a majority of book purchases are digital. Studies found that most people of this generation prefer to read the newspaper or short novels rather than watching the television. This personal preference is due to both lifestyle and personal ideals. Most baby boomers are now reaching the highest point of their career, meaning that they have little time for themselves. Because of this, they prefer to spend their time performing meaningful activities, such as reading books.

3. Healthcare products

Large numbers of baby boomers are now reaching old age. As this happens, there have been a rising number of healthcare product purchases through an online surgical supply store. Having smart devices at their side is convenient because it saves them a trip to the local store. They can order online. Products such as prescriptions, OTC medications, first aid, and even supplements are among the top purchases by baby boomers.

4. Skincare

Baby boomers have long been known by skincare companies to prefer comfort over appearances. They often purchase products that will make their skin look and feel good over products meant solely for beautification. As skincare technology advances, baby boomers are sure to make the most of the new products.

5. Household goods

One of the things that baby boomers value most is family. They have no qualms with purchasing expensive household goods to make life easier for their relatives and enjoy gifting such goods to one another. In addition, groceries are purchased not by price, but by quality, no matter how expensive.

Challenge coins custom are very popular among baby boomers. You can design any shape, color, material, or word, such as printing your name, birthday, special date, or picture. It is a great gift if you are looking for something unique and exquisite to give someone you love, and allows you to express good wishes and keep wonderful memories forever.

6. Appliances

Because baby boomers take great pride in their homes, they often look for ways to improve their living spaces. With a busy lifestyle, it may be difficult to perform certain tasks, such as making your own coffee each morning. As a result, baby boomers prefer appliances that make their lives easier.

7. Cosmetics

When baby boomers do purchase cosmetics, they are sure not to make purchases solely on price. Quality varies per product and instead of risking their skin, most baby boomers choose to go the safe route and make an expensive, but quality purchase.


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