A Male Look At Women's Home Clothes

For home clothes, we highlight two main functions:

  • household comfort;
  • creating an atmosphere.

One should say something about home clothes precisely in the context of what kind of atmosphere the clothes create and what feelings they evoke. Comfortable varieties will be considered below, as we do not recommend wearing something that pulls or restricts movements. The most difficult thing here is that the same clothes are perceived differently at different times.

In part, we would explain this by the addictive effect: the fact is that in the human brain, with constant activation of the same neural pathway, after a while, the strength of the impulse passing through it dies out. This is designed by nature to prevent energy waste (i.e., the orienting reflex and the feeling of novelty disappear since the brain transfers the main focus of excitation to another group of cortical neurons).

So, what to wear at home to feel comfortable and look beautiful at the same time?

The most reasonable solution would be to make at least 2-3 sets of home clothes for the summer-spring and autumn-winter seasons, which can be easily combined. If you are a mom on maternity leave or work at home, then there should be much more sets. An important point when choosing home clothes is the composition of the fabrics, they should be as natural and pleasant to the skin as possible. As for the style, it all depends on your preferences, but it is better to choose the cut and color of things depending on the type of figure and color features of the appearance!

So, what should be the clothes for the house? Clothes should be comfortable, fit well, be sized and up to date. Remember that clothes that are outdated in style add age, and we clearly do not need them. In home clothes, decorative elements in the form of frills, ruffles, lace inserts, etc. may be welcome, but everything should be in moderation.

Don't limit your search for beautiful home wear to specialized departments only. You can find suitable items in other stores as well. For home, knitted and cotton dresses, tunics, or loose blouses combined with leggings, comfortable trousers, or jeans are perfect. A wide long skirt is also an interesting option for home clothes.

The choice of home clothes, of course, also depends on the lifestyle. If you are a mother of a small child or even several children, then in this case the functionality of things is especially important. Do not forget that clothes must also be beautiful! Always remember that you are not only a mother, who can instill good taste in children from an early age, but maybe also a wife or partner. By the way, beautiful and functional things are far from a myth, but a reality! This is confirmed by Cecilie Copenhagen collection.

Examples of home clothes for women

The dress is perhaps the most comfortable home wear. According to the style, these can be free models, and straight ones, and flared from top to bottom. The choice of length, like the style, will be individual. It all depends on the shape and your preferences. For summer, dresses made of cotton, dress-shirts are especially suitable, and for winter, knitted models and options from dense knitwear. The dress can be complemented with leggings or comfortable tight tights, pleasant to the skin.

And where can you go without a "tracksuit" in your home wardrobe? The suit is undoubtedly very comfortable, but try to choose beautiful feminine options. In general, try to diversify the options for home clothes and look different!

When choosing the right home clothes, you need to focus on the comfort and attractiveness of items. The most important thing is that the clothes you choose really fit you. This means:

  • Things must be correctly sized;
  • The style of things should suit your figure, emphasizing its merits;
  • When choosing colors for home clothes, be guided by the colors that match your color type.

You probably noticed that your favorite robe is not mentioned in the recommendations. Let's define the role of the robe once and for all:

1. Dressing gown, especially soft terry, is great to put on immediately after a shower, such a dressing gown will perfectly play the role of a towel.

2. A peignoir-type dressing gown is designed to get out of the bathroom and walk to the bed, and when you wake up, walk to the bathroom. Ok, you can still have a cup of tea or coffee in it in the morning, when you are completely sleepy and you need energy charging.

At this point, it is better to limit the wearing of a robe.

But what about old things that are a pity to throw away? If the old clothes are comfortable, then leave a few things, for example, for repairs or general cleaning. But, just a few, and no more! If the thing has served its purpose, then do not regret parting with it. By the way, old things interfere with the circulation of positive energy in the house. This is a good argument not to keep old, worn-out things and organize your closet once in a while.

At home, it's not just clothes that matter, but also how we smell. Light and fresh floral-fruity perfumes are ideal for the home. The way we dress and how we take care of ourselves speaks of how we treat ourselves: how much we love and respect ourselves and our loved ones. Rest assured, seeing how you take care of yourself can be a positive influence on your significant other. Be beautiful and elegant not only outside the home but also with the most important and dearest people.


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