6 Mistakes that Every YouTuber Should Avoid for better Growth
6 Mistakes that Every YouTuber Should Avoid for Better Growth
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Youtube is widely regarded as one of the top video-sharing platforms. It has become the top destination to get a healthy dose of content. The variety of content available on Youtube attracts a wide demographic of viewers. People from all over the world tune in to view their favorite Youtubers. Every creator wants to have massive Youtube subscribers. Many people even quit their jobs to become full-time YouTubers. The worst part is when you feel you are doing everything right but do not gain Youtube views. This generally means that you are committing some mistakes in your journey. We have listed below 6 of the biggest mistakes that every YouTuber should avoid to have maximum growth on Youtube.

1. Audio quality

All videos comprise two basic elements- the visual and the audio. Most of the creators tend to focus on the visual aspects of the video and the audio gets ignored. Numerous creators have spent a lot of money to improve the video quality but have not directed even half of that towards developing their audio. Watching a video is a complete experience only when the audio and the visual work hand in hand to produce a beautiful experience. The production of the video has to be of high quality but that cannot be at the expense of the audio quality. Almost all of the top creators know the importance of good audio quality and have invested in improving their quality. Simple things such as a good microphone and proper editing of the audio can raise the quality of your entire video by a lot. When trying to buy real Youtube subscribers, remember to not ignore audio quality in your videos.

2. Off-topic content

When deciding what to base your channel on you have to choose a niche. There are hundreds if not thousands of options while choosing a niche. Remember that the niche that you choose will most probably be the one that you stick with for your entire life. Two basic mistakes are made when talking about a niche. Some Youtubers decide to begin their journey without a pre-defined niche. This leads to them having poor visibility as they do not fall under any specific category and cannot target a specific group of people. Their channel becomes stagnant without any possibility of growth. Another mistake is changing your niche in the middle of your youtube journey. If you are a big Youtuber with millions of loyal fans, you can afford to do this but not everyone is successful with this method. Changing your niche causes the subscribers you have targeted and converted to lose interest in your videos and unsubscribe. You will have to work from scratch to build a new target audience.

3. Copying content

Copying content is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Youtube thrives on creators coming out with new concepts and working on them. If you take a shortcut by copying the videos of a creator you will have a bad reputation on Youtube. Other YouTubers will disapprove of you and your fans will not appreciate you copying videos. It is okay to take inspiration from others and add your twist to it. You could even do a similar video as the creator and give them proper credits for the idea in your video. Creators who copy content might get a few views in the beginning but will never be able to have massive Youtube subscribers.

4. Lack of promotion

You might have a great video but it will not help you gain Youtube views if your videos do not reach them. When people start youtube accounts their reach is quite limited. The best way to promote your content is by promoting it. Whenever you post videos, promote them on your social media accounts. Put the link to the video on your Instagram bio. You could also put up stories asking your followers to go give it a watch. Share the videos with people whom you know and ask them to keep sharing your videos. You have to use the connections you have in real life to push your videos and find new audiences. Many people just post their videos and think that they will reach thousands of viewers. You have to consciously promote your videos to get subscribers and views.

5. Not using paid services

If you are not purchasing growth packages, you are falling behind the competition. Take advantage of companies and services that offer automation on YouTube. Be it big companies or small creators everyone buys viewers to gain an advantage. Buying these packages helps you to directly impact the subscriber count on your account. The popular sites that offer these services are safe to use. They provide data protection and anonymity to their clients.  When you purchase a package their teams work to add real viewers as your subscribers. Their packages are cheap and are worth the money spent.

6. Inconsistency and long breaks

A big mistake that many YouTubers make is that they forget the importance of consistency. You need to understand that even when you are not gaining subscribers at a rapid rate you need to post consistently. Being successful on Youtube requires you to continuously keep on posting despite the responses you are getting. If you find people not interacting with your videos try altering the content. Not posing videos will hamper your growth. Many YouTubers stop posting and return after a long time. This leads to you having to start from the bottom. All of the efforts that you put in before the break go to waste and you cannot gain Youtube views anymore.


These are some common mistakes that are made by YouTubers that hamper their growth. Use this article as the guide to what you have to avoid. Following this will help you avoid common mistakes and have a good rate of growth. Youtube has amazing possibilities available to its creators. Youtube and its monetization can help you as an individual looking to make a future out of their talent.

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