6 New Year Resolutions for Retirees
6 New Year Resolutions for Retirees
By Roni Davis
Babyboomers.com Staff

A new year means new beginnings, new goals, and new expectations. Resolutions are beneficial to help you reach your goals but only when followed up. People of all ages can strive to be better. Just because you may live in an assisted living facility does not mean you should not try to better yourself! Resolutions are just as effective for senior citizens as they are for their younger family members. Here are some suggestions for seniors to consider:

1. Plan to Leave a Legacy

Everyone has a purpose in life. We only have to figure out what it is. As you strive to live a good life and enlarge your bank accounts, you can also leave a positive legacy for society to remember you.

Additionally, being part of a society-involved project will keep you active and focused. Here are great examples of how you can do it:

  • Do volunteer work with non-profit organizations
  • Get actively involved in your place of worship
  • Be part of international missions

2. Mentor the Young

Seniors have lived through generations. They have many tales to tell and many words of wisdom to share. As the years go by, money has become the only obsession for many people, and that pressure may lead some youngsters to go astray. Some members of the younger generations may not have people they can talk to about life. They could be neighbors, your grandkids, or church members. Find ways for them to see you as an approachable person and never discredit any of them no matter what judgment they may face from the world.

3. Improve Your Social Network

Living a socially isolated life may lead to developing unhealthy living habits like drug addiction and consuming unhealthy foods. These may lead to significant health problems which are challenging to treat because of the diminishing immunity. Reconnect with family and friends and join beneficial support groups that help develop your purpose. Relating more with people will also ensure that you have people who come to your rescue in an emergency.

4. Look For More Income Streams

Your basic expenses will still need to be taken care of even during retirement. You can look for a part-time job from an organization that doesn’t discriminate against seniors and offers light tasks or jobs they’re passionate about. Also, you should focus on downsizing expenses and be comfortable with the basics. However, don’t exempt yourself from exploring some outdoor adventure once in a while.

5. Try an Outdoor Adventure

As stated earlier, you should not limit your life to an indoor lifestyle. It’s time to get out of the box and learn something new. There are numerous outdoor opportunities that you can explore to ensure that you remain active and your health is in check.

Get a venture that keeps your body physically active and practice all the safety measures required. If you’re in doubt about how to do it, work through it with your physician for the best guidance. Ask your friends to join you to add fun and life to it. Enjoy every chance you get to spend time with them.

6. Take Your Nutrition Seriously

Make your health a priority and concentrate more on eating and drinking the right things to avoid diseases. Your immunity needs the right boost to ensure your health is in check—source for a cookbook to make new dishes and enjoy various other delicious meals.

You don’t necessarily have to make big resolutions for the new year. Focus on working on the small goals which look almost insignificant as you work your way up to bigger goals. Make a plan to achieve those goals and incorporate them into your life accordingly.


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