Beltone to Donate Hearing Aids to US-based Ukrainian Refugees in Need of Hearing Care
Beltone to Donate Hearing Aids to US-based Ukrainian Refugees in Need of Hearing Care Staff

As the U.S. prepares to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, Beltone, the nation’s leading hearing care retailer, is helping to support displaced Ukrainian refugees in the U.S. who are in need of hearing care assistance. Through their 501(C)(3) charitable organization, The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, they will be providing free hearing screenings and complimentary hearing aids to refugees who may have lost their hearing devices or may have had their hearing damaged during the attacks on Ukraine. Created to provide quality hearing healthcare and technology to those who otherwise could not access it, The Beltone Foundation has been helping thousands around the globe to hear better through their acts of kindness and are proud to extend these benefits to displaced refugees.

Hearing loss is more than not being able to hear well. It affects people of all ages, especially those over the age of 50, and is associated with other health concerns including an increased risk of dementia, falls and depression. Coming to terms with hearing loss can feel overwhelming but ignoring it can make it worse and have a great impact on your family, social and work lives as it interferes with the way you normally communicate. However, due to the stigma around hearing loss, people wait an average of 6-7 years before taking action to treat their hearing loss.

Additionally, GN, Beltone’s parent company, donated $1 million to UNICEF to support Ukrainian children impacted by the war and suspended trade with Russia until further notice. Beltone’s president, Mike Halloran, stated that “Beltone is proud to stand with Ukraine and support refugees during their time of need and is pleased to be able to offer help domestically through The Beltone Foundation.”

Ukrainian refugees located in the U.S. may visit one of the 1,500 Beltone Hearing Care Centers located across the country to receive their free hearing screening. Upon assessment, their Beltone Hearing Care Provider will provide their hearing care recommendation and submit the appropriate Beltone hearing aid request to The Beltone Foundation. Once the request has been fulfilled by The Beltone Foundation, the patient will then be fitted with their new pair of Beltone hearing aids which also include free lifetime care.

For those looking to take their own first steps in their hearing care journey, they may also contact their local Beltone to schedule a free hearing consultation or go to to take a free online hearing screening.

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