Can Light Therapy Help Families Battling Alzheimer’s Disease?
Can Light Therapy Help Families Battling Alzheimer’s Disease?
By Wendy Bronfin, BRIGHT Chief Executive Officer Staff

Cognitive decline is called a family disease because the ongoing effect of watching a loved one lose their memory, lose their independence and their sense of self, has a devastating impact on everyone. Almost 70% of all decisions made for patient care comes from women—mostly daughters—like me, who are working, taking care of our own children, and now also caring for parents who are living with memory loss.

Each day, advances in science and technology are increasing longevity and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people. A few years ago, scientists began reporting the positive impact of 40Hz light therapy as a noninvasive technique to improve brain health in patients with cognitive decline. In clinical trials, neuroscientists found that after a few weeks of only one hour per day exposure to 40Hz light, neural connectivity and cell function dramatically improved, reducing confusion, memory loss, and mood swings.

Building on breakthrough scientific advancements, my partners and I at BRIGHT created prototypes of 40Hz lights and began using them at home with our families. What we observed was remarkable and closely aligned with research coming out of the leading brain-health institutes around the world.

After only a few weeks, with daily exposure to 40Hz light for 1 hour every day, each of us noticed dramatic improvement in our own sleep patterns. We were falling asleep and staying asleep. Uninterrupted sleep led to more wakefulness and focus. I got a set of lights for my mother and within a month her mood had improved; she was less irritated and seemed more focused. My business partner's wife, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, has used the 40Hz lights daily for almost three years and her doctors report that her condition is remarkably stable.

Light therapy is not a new concept. For decades light has been used to treat dermatological concerns like aging, skin cancer, and psoriasis as well as autoimmune diseases. In 1902, Niels Finson received a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his treatment of a form of skin tuberculosis and the healing of Smallpox with red light therapy. Applications for light therapy continue to advance addressing sleep, cognition, mood, and focus.

It does not make intuitive sense that light could change our brain health or impact our lifespan. But sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the simple things can have a huge impact on well-being. Drinking water is good for us. Getting a good night's sleep is also good. Socializing and being physically active--good and good.

Light-therapy devices in the market use different kinds of light, from invisible, near-infrared light through the visible-light spectrum of various colors. At BRIGHT we developed BEACON40® wellness lamps that safely deliver 40Hz light--this is a noninvasive, visible light that flashes 40 times per second. BEACON40® lights fit into any home or office and can be used as part of a daily health and wellness routine. I’ve heard from so many families that there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do to buy more time and build more memories with their loved ones. 40Hz light therapy brings a flicker of hope for so many families who need it now.



BRIGHT is on a mission to beat age-related memory loss and prevent cognitive decline. We live at the intersection of wellness and technology, fast-tracking scientific research to create safe, easy-to-use products and platforms for longevity and enhanced brain health. Our team is comprised of mission-driven entrepreneurs, seasoned product developers, technologists, neurobiologists, and business professionals who are also mothers, daughters, husbands, and wives caring for our families... and yours.


About Wendy Bronfin, BRIGHT Chief Executive Officer:

Wendy has spent her career at the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer needs and market opportunity, most notably in the education and wellness sectors. Prior to founding BRIGHT, Wendy was immersed in the global startup ecosystem, where she led product and marketing at Techstars, the worldwide network helping entrepreneurs succeed. In addition, she advises leading HealthTech, EdTech, and consumer media companies in developing new product and platform strategies for smart homes, and the future of wellness.

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