Common Problems Healthy Couples Face And How To Overcome Them
Common Problems Healthy Couples Face and How To Overcome Them Staff

There is no such thing as a relationship without its challenges and while many couples throw in the towel at the very first signs of conflict, the set few couples who are determined to find solutions for their problems will likely experiencing long-lasting affection. However, overcoming certain issues are significantly more challenging than others. Whether you and your partner have only been together for a few months, or you have been making it together for a few years, most couples experience the following problems at one point or another. What’s more, many of the following issues can be reassuring, which is why it would be a fantastic idea to find solid solutions at the first sign of conflicts rather than neglect the issues and allow them to become a festering void keeping you and your partner from moving forward and thriving as a couple.

Behind Closed Doors

You and your partner may be able to get along like a house on fire in front of others, although, problems in the bedroom can quickly affect all areas of a romantic relationship. It does not matter how long you and your lover have been together as issues in the bedroom can affect anyone at any time. In the event that you are confronted with erectile dysfunction issues, difficulty performing sexually, or general boredom surrounding mundane sex, it would be completely necessary to search for solutions before the issues drive a wedge between you and your significant other.

There are a ton of solutions out there worth considering regardless of the issue you are experiencing behind closed doors; for example, penis stretching techniques may sound taboo, although, these exercises will help you overcome confidence concerns in the bedroom while penis pumps can promise a notable quality enhancement for erections. You can find more information on penis stretching on The Enhanced Male. In the event that you feel your sex life has hit a slump and things are simply a bit too boring, you can bring back the spark by trying new things such as introducing toys, considering playful cosplay or roleplay, or even trying a bit of light bondage. However, before introducing exciting new concepts to your sex life, it is crucial to discuss your ideas with your partner.

Social Media Issues

Because social media has become such a major part of our lives, we should expect it to affect our relationships in one way or another. Unfortunately, many couples have complaints in the social media category. As many couples feel social media gives room for infidelity as it opens us up to an entirely new world that can be easily hidden from our partners, the issue is often ongoing for many couples. If you and your partner are experiencing complaints in this category, it would be wise to discuss the issues in a calm manner and relieve any doubts you or your partner may be having. Perhaps profiles are too revealing or you feel your partner is dedicating more time to popular platforms than they are to the relationship. There are solid solutions to consider regardless of the issues, and while some may be mended with communication, in other cases more physical action would be appropriate, such as allowing your partner access to your accounts to remove doubts and insecurities.

Unhealthy Habits

Some couples have the unfortunate issue of having to watch their significant other indulge in unhealthy habits and while these types of habits can include over-indulging in alcohol and other substances, smoking, reckless social behaviours, they can include even more minor unhealthy habits such as a notably poor diet or stagnant lifestyle. This can become a massive issue for partners as they feel forced to watch the person they love self-destruct. However, the solution to the issue is definitely not one-sided as both partners should be able to discuss the issues and make decisions to conform to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, if your partner is showcasing ongoing unhealthy habits, the change should be exhibited from both parties, which means you should support a healthier lifestyle by leading the way. Unfortunately, unhealthy habits are often considered red flags in a relationship and therefore, you would need to evaluate the extensity of the issue and determine whether or not the problem can be fixed. If, after some time you are unable to identify change, it may be time to take a step back.

Spending Too Much Time Together Or Apart

Relationships should showcase balance, whether you are living together or apart. While spending too much time apart may seem somewhat more significant of a problem in comparison to spending too much time together, both issues are equally as destructive for relationships. You and your partner should establish something of a routine in which you encourage a certain amount of quality time together alongside a certain amount of time apart. This effort will allow both parties to grow as individuals while also growing together as a couple. Unfortunately, too much time together can leave one or both parties feeling overwhelmed and smothered, while too much time apart will leave both sides of the relationship feeling neglected and unimportant. Rather than neglect this overlooked issue, it would be ideal to discuss how you are feeling with your partner to determine a schedule that suits you and your partner. You should incorporate romantic dates and fun experiences into your schedule while making room for time apart that will help you and your partner hold onto your individual identities.

Relationships can be extremely tricky and challenging at times, although, if you and your partner are willing to come together to communicate issues and search for solutions, there is reason to believe that all is not lost. For extreme cases, couples therapy always serves as a safe place where both parties will be able to voice their emotions, although, attempting communication at home would be an ideal place to start. You should also consider incorporating the five elements of intimacy into your relationship to ensure you and your partner are experiencing a union that is able to encourage mutual growth rather than mutual destruction.


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