Do-It-Yourself Smart Cottage: What Can Be Automated?
Do-It-Yourself Smart Cottage: What Can Be Automated? Staff

Smart equipment for summer cottages today is increasingly being used by owners of suburban areas and houses. Thanks to smart technology, it is possible to significantly facilitate not only the comfort of staying in a country house, but also automate various household processes - from watering garden beds to opening gates. Let us analyze the main features of the use of such devices.

The need for automation in the suburban area

A suburban area with a house, unlike a city apartment, is always a multifactorial consumer of funds, labor, time, and even health. Automation can greatly reduce costs in all aspects, and in some cases eliminate them. You can create a smart system for managing various processes using smart sensors. Control over them is carried out with the help of a special module (controller) and a software application, including remotely via wireless communication technologies or the Internet.

The main benefits from the installation of smart technologies in the country for the consumer are the full or partial automation of the following processes:

1. Care of crops and animals:

  • Smart watering in the country.
  • Heating and ventilation of greenhouses.
  • Control of the level and temperature of the water in the tank.
  • Application of fertilizers.
  • Feeding dogs, cats, and other animals/birds.

2. Lighting control:

  • Street and house lighting.
  • Lighting system for plants in greenhouses and greenhouses.

3. Increasing security, protection:

  • Perimeter control.
  • Video monitoring.
  • Intruder alarm.
  • Fire-fighting measures.

4. Improving the comfort of premises and residential facilities:

  • Smart home system.
  • Garage remote control.
  • Control of microclimatic parameters in the pool, bath, sauna.
  • Monitoring of communications - gas and water supply.

Therefore, smart garden beds in the country are far from the only plus of introducing smart gadgets into the environment of a modern person. In general, the technology increases comfort, safety, saves time, money and health.

Smart automation for summer cottages frees up a lot of useful time. It can be spent on training, development, doing what you love. A summer resident spends many hours every day on routine work. With the help of modern technologies, it is easy to entrust it to smart gadgets.

Possibility of remote control

For the garden, as well as the house, to be under full control around the clock, you will need to install the following special smart sensors with the possibility of remote control and work settings:

  • WiFi. With it, you can connect a switch, socket, switch to control any electronic device. It is configured via a smartphone application via the Internet.
  • Smart GSM socket. Allows you to turn on or turn off any electrical equipment via SMS, as well as by timer. Various models can be equipped with multiple independent connectors to control multiple appliances, such as one for sliding gates, another for smart submersible water pump, etc.

What can be automated in the country?

Thanks to smart technologies, it is possible to automate almost all processes for caring for the garden, increase comfort in the home, and overall security. The main areas of application of smart gadgets in the country:

1. In greenhouses.

Modern greenhouses for summer cottages with automation monitor soil moisture, provide automatic watering, control the microclimate and the level of illumination.

2. In the beds, in the garden.

A timely supply of water to the garden, under bushes and trees, is provided by the schedule by a smart irrigation system.

3. In a dwelling, bathhouse, outbuildings.

Smart home in the country with its own hands can control all the electronic devices of the premises - kitchen appliances, boilers, heaters, air conditioners, blinds, etc.

4. For protection.

All kinds of motion, opening, perimeter control sensors, wired and wireless video cameras, alarm systems will provide reliable protection of the suburban area and the house from intruders.


Water supply automation for summer cottages includes humidity analyzers, a power supply unit, and an emergency unit. The system sets different levels of watering for specific areas - depending on the settings and requirements for moisture.

Pumps for giving with automatic equipment

In the suburban area, water is used both for the needs of the garden and the garden and for the home, including for food purposes. Adjustment auto pumps regulate the level of pressure and fullness of reserve tanks.

Smart light

Thanks to the photo relay, the lamp turns on only as a certain level of darkness sets in - in the evening, at night, in cloudy weather. Combined with a motion sensor, they will also be triggered when a person appears.

Automation for the shower in the country

When the pressure drops in the water supply, the pump turns on - providing the necessary pressure for the shower, bathroom, kitchen, and household needs.

Smart toilet in the country

Provides automatic heating of sewer pipes. Prevents freezing of the system and subsequent problems resulting from this.

A smart water heater in the country

Maintains the heating of water in the tank at a given level. It turns on by settings, SMS command, from the remote control.

Smart Water Leak Sensor

Signals the fact of water leakage both on the site and in the house. Closes the central flow, turns off the pump - eliminating the consumption of water supplies and destruction in the home.

Soil moisture, temperature, light detector

A sensor installed in the soil next to the plant automatically analyzes the most important parameters. These are air and soil temperature, humidity, the content of nutrients, light level. It is synchronized with the lighting and automatic watering system.

Pest Repeller

Designed to repel pests of various kinds - rodents, snakes, birds, dogs, cats.

Smoke and fire analyzer

The device is installed in fire hazardous areas - a bathhouse, a boiler room, a kitchen, in a room with stove heating. Indicates the presence of smoke and open flames. Can be connected to autonomous fire extinguishing systems.

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