Fashion Choices Giving Away Your Boomer Past
Fashion Choices Giving Away Your Boomer Past Staff

Being a Boomer means being a part of a huge generation of individuals born between 1946 and 1964, and is indicative of a special combo of attitudes, behaviors and social struggles which sets them apart from the generations that followed. Yet, it is certainly no excuse for you, its members, to dress like an old man today. In fact, you have every right to look good and exciting without getting unecessarily flamboyant. However, many individuals of that foregone era still find it hard to dress appropriately. Some stroll around the streets in hippie 60’s clothes that only manage to pick up negative comments, while others, despite meaning well in fashion terms, fail to properly address some choices that finally give them away and spoil their appearance. So, here’s a list of some prinicpal guidelines for doing away with fashion choices only Boomers used to make.

1. Wearing “dad” jeans

A typical sign of the Boomers generation, the so called “dad” jeans, is definitely the wrong choice if your target is to look younger. Those loose, light-wash, high-waist, often tapered jeans are nothing but a relic of the past that simply managed to survive until the early '90s. Today it is just a product of a bygone era which you need to stop dressing in as soon as possible. So, get rid of your dad jeans and opt for a pair of slim, dark-wash ones that can instantaneously revise your looks. To round off your transformation, add darker colors and avoid, no matter what, the white ones.

2. Wearing dress shirts untucked

Well, there is a touch of “devil-may-care” attitude in wearing your shirt untucked, but trust us, they do your looks no good. Au contraire, they give off an untidy aura, while revealing a kind of desperate – and rather unaccomplished – effort to try and look cool.

However, if you insist on wearing your shirts untucked, it can still work out for you, but you should definitely shop for those ones which are cut shorter in length. There are a few little hints you can use here: for example, the sheer length of the item is a safe sign to begin with. Moreover, if it is too baggy, it looks messy and can’t be worn untucked. If its seams cover a part of your biceps, then it’s simply not your size. And if it covers all your zipper while standing, just tuck it in! On the other hand, it goes without saying that even if a tiny part of your stomach is exposed, you should just opt for something bigger.

3. Wearing sneakers only when engaging into physical activities

For the majority of the Boomers, sneakers are a footwear item  primarily targeted for physical exercise. “Well, isn’t that the case?” you may ask. Of course it is. But while that is a perfectly valid statement, Boomers tend to disregard that sneakers have long ago turned into a fashion item which can be put on virtually everywhere. So, if you’re under the impression that sneakers only complete an athletic ensemble, you’re wide of the mark! Today, these shoes have evolved into superb all-rounders which can yield a casual yet stylish figure; in fact, it only takes a pair of sneakers to literally transform your style. So, don’t just wear them exclusively for walking or running, but rather make sure you make them a part of your daily appearance.

4. Combining a blue suit exclusively with black shoes

A blue suit is a smooth and timeless clothing item, and there’s nothing wrong with dressing in it on a regular basis. However, Boomers seem to think that they can only pair a blue suit with black shoes. But why limit your choices, people? That doesn’t make much sense, plus it’s guaranteed to divulge your age. So, experiment with pairing your blue suits with brown shoes to be able to send out a classy, fashionable and casual aura, all at the same time! The options available for a more distinctive look are virtually endless, with various shades of brown allowing you to distance yourself from the typical boomish blue-black combo which harms your image.  Head over to & get a classic sneaker.

5. Going over the top when selecting accessories

This may initially sound like a generic, rather ordinary hint but we believe it’s just pure gold! You see, a certain number of Boomers try so hard to look cool that they have developed a nasty habit: they get extravagant, carrying it too far with all sorts of accessories and absurd ornaments. Make no mistake about it, we’re not objecting to anyone using cool add-ons like pocket squares or colorful socks (quite the opposite!), but you can’t go and wear them all at the same time. You may think you look younger and fancy but you only end up looking ostentatious and over the top. Bottom line: think smart, make good use of the available accessories and make sure you don’t overelaborate.

There it is then! A bunch of useful tips to upgrade your image without putting in too much of an effort. Remember, the Boomer aura you may have been giving off does no justice to your attempt to look more youthful and blend in with the groups of younger individuals or work colleagues. Take good advantage of our hints to... un-boom your style and confidently venture out into a brave new world of style and elegance.

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