Tips for Keeping Grandkids Safe in the Car
Tips for Keeping Grandkids Safe in the Car Staff

While grandparents typically have it easier than parents when it comes to raising children, there are still some things that grandparents need to worry about. For example, is their home safe for young children? How can then avoid spoiling their grandkids? And how can they safely take their grandkids out when they are watching them? For this last question, grandparents often need to think about how they are going to keep their grandkids safe while they are in the car. If this is a concern of yours, here are some tips that may help.

Ensure They’re in the Right Seats

One of the first things to think about is whether the kids are in the correct seats. There are a few components to this. For starters, it’s only recommended that kids sit in the front seat once they reach a certain age or size. If you have younger grandchildren, they are likely better off in the back seat. If you’re unsure, you can look up your state’s recommendations to better decide where your grandkids should sit.

In addition to this, for younger children, you need to make sure you have the right car seats. Kids need to sit in a car seat that is appropriate for their size to best protect them. This car seat also needs to be properly installed within the vehicle. Many police stations are willing to assist you with this if you bring your vehicle and the car seat to them.

Protect Their Heads

Next, you should pay extra attention to protecting your grandkids’ heads while they are in the car. You can do this in a number of ways. One easy way is to ensure there is nothing behind their heads on the ledge underneath the rear windshield. In the event of an accident or sudden stop, any items up there could rush forward and collide with the child’s head so it’s best to remove them.

You can also explore using additional head protection while the child is in the car. There are car seat safety head supports that securely hold a child’s head while you are driving. This way, in the event of an accident, your grandkid is less likely to experience whiplash or other injuries from the sudden collision.

Check the Vehicle’s Safety Ratings

While most vehicles are made with the latest and best safety technologies, it’s still a good idea to check the safety ratings of your vehicle. Every vehicle gets reviewed by the NHTSA, which provides a star rating in a number of categories. You can see how your car performs in different ratings and how it performs overall. Then, if you have multiple vehicles to choose from, you can choose the safer one when traveling with your grandkids. You can also use this information if you plan on shopping for another vehicle in the near future.

Eliminate Distractions

One of the biggest causes of accidents is distracted drivers. While you can’t control the actions of the other drivers on the road, you can control your own actions. To this end, you should look to eliminate distractions whenever you drive. This is sometimes hard when you have young children in the car but the more distractions you remove, the better. For example, set the music you want to play before you begin driving and put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and by eliminating some distractions, you better prepare yourself to react to the unexpected.

Make Use of the Latest Technologies

Finally, there are some new technologies that can help protect you and all your passengers while you drive. For example, a common technology in new vehicles is the ability to use your phone through voice commands. Rather than taking your eyes off the road, you can make calls or change the music with just voice actions. If your vehicle has this technology, make use of it whenever you can for safer driving. Some other technologies to explore include a heads-up display on your dashboard, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alerts, and automated emergency braking. See what features your current vehicle has or explore getting a new vehicle with the latest tech.

Keeping Your Grandkids Safe

It’s a top priority for any grandparent to keep their grandkids safe while they are in their care. This includes while they are in your vehicle, where even a minor accident could endanger your grandkid. With the tips above you can make your driving experience a little safer and hopefully avoid any situations where your grandkids are unsafe.

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