Why You Should Use Cycling Headlamps
Why You Should Use Cycling Headlamps
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Headlamps are sometimes used by cyclists as an alternative to a helmet-mounted bicycle headlight. The main advantage of using a helmet-mounted headlamp by a cyclist is that the light beam is synchronously directed towards the direction of the head rotation. At the same time, it is very easy to consider elements of the road or shoulder that are not in the line of movement of the bike or on a bend. In the case of a conventional bicycle headlight on the handlebars, the light flux at a sharp turn is directed away from the place where the front wheel of the bicycle passes. With all this, using a headlamp for a cyclist is not always practical and creates certain inconveniences. Not all bicycle helmets are suitable for headlamp applications. Everything can be stuck to something, but as a result, the flashlight can dangle on the helmet and slide off to one side.

Before you buy a LED headlamp, you need to pay attention to such parameters as angle of illumination; brightness; range; the tone of light; method of mounting; type of power supply; manufacturer.

What can a cyclist use a headlamp for?

Low-power headlamps have built-in batteries and their use on a bicycle is impractical since there is not enough brightness of the luminous flux. This is especially true for speeds above 12-15 km / h. From increased shaking and a small spot of light, it is almost impossible to see bumps and obstacles on the road. When the light source is located directly next to the eyes, then this light creates little or no shadow. The observed picture is as if "flat", which reduces the likelihood of detecting obstacles on the road. Only those who have a headlamp suffer from this drawback, for example, other cyclists riding in a group see a full-fledged picture with shadows. A cyclist can use a headlamp as an additional or spare light device for a bicycle headlight, map light, or in a parking lot as a lantern.

Before getting behind the wheel of a bike, it is worth considering protective equipment. And to make cycling comfortable and safe, you need to designate the dimensions of the vehicle and take care of lighting your path. To do this, you can use the LED headlamp, which is attached to both the handlebar and the helmet. The most important criterion when choosing a lamp is the angle of light. It is important that it illuminates the road and the surrounding area. An even distribution of light without bright spots will allow you to better navigate in space and will help you react faster to different situations on the road. In addition, you should also pay attention to the brightness and range of the beam. These parameters are individual, therefore, when choosing a flashlight, it is better to prefer a device that has several modes. For cyclists, it is best to choose the medium mode, it will illuminate the road and not dazzle oncoming traffic. The light range should be between 50-100 meters for safe driving.


The main advantage of these flashlights is that they do not take up your hands. This is very important for a safe and comfortable ride. Other positive aspects of using a LED headlamp by a cyclist include:

  • the light of such a headlamp is always directed towards the view of its owner, so it is easier to focus on some objects at night;
  • this type of device can be with a built-in or external battery compartment;
  • headlamps work in several modes, so you can choose the most suitable one;
  • some models have integrated additional tactical modes.

This configuration has several significant advantages that make it popular and in-demand:

Free hands. The flashlight is fixed on the head, so you can operate with both hands. Initially, such light sources were developed for professional use - in particular, they have found widespread use in the mining industry. And then the convenience of head placement was appreciated in other areas.

Directional glow. The stream of light is always directed where your head is turned. Therefore, you do not have to waste time synchronizing your gaze and the light beam.

Compact dimensions. Modern technologies, first of all, bright and durable LEDs and high-capacity lightweight batteries, help to reduce the size and weight of the headbands. Professional models are practically not felt on the head and at the same time generate a powerful luminous flux.

Power of the headlamp

To make the charge consumption as economical as possible, manufacturers have provided for the presence of a function that excludes involuntary switching on. This is especially important for models powered by batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a large energy capacity, so accidental switching has little effect on the remaining charge. Battery-powered Modern flashlights run on 1-3 AA batteries or replaceable batteries. When choosing a flashlight, you need to pay attention to the power consumption and the volume of the battery or accumulator. The most obvious advantage of battery-powered headlamps is affordability. The lineup can be the cheapest and smallest in size. It's worth noting that the brightest battery-powered headlamp has a maximum brightness of 1,090 lumens. There are, however, some models with an external power supply, such as a separately mounted removable battery. It is important to pay attention to the power consumption of the luminaire and the size of the battery or accumulator.

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