Decor Trends and Ideas to Make Your Apartment More Instagramable

If you're an avid Instagrammer, you know that there's nothing more frustrating than following your favorite bloggers to find out they've moved on from the home decor trend of the moment. But don't worry! We have a solution for you. We've put together some creative and trendy ideas that are perfect for your apartment and will make it a snap to take the most beautiful photos ever. Once you are ready, it's time to visit and find your first apartment. 

Design a Bright Wall

Use a light or bright color to paint your walls, like white. You can also create a chevron pattern on one wall to add some color and interest. Bright walls in contrast to the rest of the apartment will make your photos stand out. Choose furnishing and area rugs in lighter colors to brighten up space. Select the front wall in bold or bright colors, paint the walls a contrasting color, and use large-scale artwork to make it pop. It will create a perfect backdrop for you to take gorgeous photos.

Layers and Flowers

Add layers of textures, like rugs on top of area rugs with a table in between filled with books or plants for an interesting photo. Add flowers to one side of your coffee table for some color, then add them around your home as well! Get rectangular tablecloths for your dining tables for an added element to your decor. You can also take a picture of flowers and use them as the background for your phone. Also, add floral patterns to your couch or curtains. Bring in floral wallpapers for the staircase or your bedroom.

Hanging Lights

If you are having a party or want to create a mood, add hanging lights everywhere! They will provide great backlighting and set the perfect atmosphere for pictures. You can hang them from strings on top of candles in jars, too! You can also hang lanterns or lamps in the corner of your living room or bedroom.

Framed Pictures 

A great way to transform your space and make it homier is with framed pictures. It is one decor trend that never goes out of style. Put all of your favorite pictures in frames and hang them on the wall or put a collage together for your coffee table. Create a gallery wall of all of your friends or family! You can also decorate the staircase and corridors with frames and pictures.

Scandinavian Style

The popular Scandinavian style is characterized by clean, modern lines and a lack of traditional ornamentation - the perfect look for Instagram! You can add this to your apartment with furniture that has clean edges (select simple chairs, benches, lamps) and crisp white walls. Add pops of color with an accent wall, throw pillows, or use modern rugs.

Mixing Patterns

Patterns can be tricky, but they're also amazing if you know how to do them right! Mix different patterns in one space by choosing various colors or textures. If you mix too many styles, however, it might look chaotic so keep that in mind. You can also tie different styles together by using a rug that has multiple patterns.

Maximal Style

Minimalism is key, and you will want to be mindful of how much storage space you have for your items. If there's not enough room, consider storing some things elsewhere (a nearby closet or basement) until the need arises again. Don't worry about all that now! Start with decorating one area at a time and move on to the next when you're ready. The key is not to overwhelm yourself with a lot of pillows or objects that will take up too much space quickly. Keep in mind, less isn't always more, but it can be if done correctly! The trick is knowing how to do them right!

Add Some Plants

The best way to add life into any space is with plants, and they look great in photos too! Pick a few small or medium-sized plants that you like - succulents are always a good idea because they're low maintenance. Putting them on shelves or windows. You can never go wrong with plants! Add them to the dining table or even coffee table for a nice pop of color that will make any Instagram feed look great! Also, try adding little succulents in some jars around the house, and they'll give off this cozy vibe. If you want to take it one step further, you can also buy a cactus and place it in the living room or bedroom for that perfect photo op.

Use Bright Furniture

Choose furniture in a light or bright shade, like white, pink, yellow, or blue - it will make your photos pop! If you don't like too much color on your furniture, add one or two accent pillows to the couch or chair. Or pair up a colorful chair with a white sofa for a vibrant and chic look.

Pick Unique Lighting & Accessories

Lighting can light up the entire apartment, and you don't need to spend much money on it! You want lighting that fills up every inch of space without being too bright (think lamps instead of overhead lights). Keep it simple with clean lines, such as pendants or Sconces.

Accessorize with Decorative Pillows

Adding decorative pillows is an inexpensive way to inject personality into your home. Throw them on the sofa, or place a few over your bed for that extra cozy feeling. You can also use them to create a focal point in your living room. Or arrange them on a white sofa for a contrast of shades.

Get Creative with Your Furniture Arrangement

Hang curtains on the walls of your apartment and use furniture as screens for privacy when needed. This will give you different seating options while also making the space feel cozier. Rearranging the furniture also creates a cozy ambiance. Try adding decorative screens or plant life in your living room. It will make the room feel larger and also give it an extra layer of character!

Add some Color with Accessories

Colorful accessories are also a fun way to color your apartment. You can add flowers, throw pillows, or even just brightly colored cups for more personality! A few last ideas are adding some funky wall art in the kitchen and living room, using curtains with textured patterns as decoration on walls or windows, and hanging mirrors around your home, so you always have an available place to get ready.

In the Rear

To make your apartment more Instagram-worthy, you'll want to invest in some brightly colored rugs. A rug can be a great way to add color and texture while also providing comfort underfoot. If you're looking for the perfect rug that will fit well with your decorating tastes, then head over to RugKnots and browse their selection of colorful tribal or trendy options!



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