Empty Nest Decor Ideas: Try to Style the Spare Room

When your teenager moved out into his dorm apartment, you may begin to re-design his room but still leave a space for him to spend holidays. After the children graduated from colleges or even organized new homes, the spare rooms are totally under your control. Here would be exciting to remodel the spare room as a new room. For some elderly people or those unaware of home decorating, the transformation is challenging and a big work.

There are so many possibilities now but before going ahead, make clear whether the rooms are for your hobby or functionality. Check out the decor ideas from Povison to style the spare bedroom into an awesome room. 

Try Those Decorating Ideas to Remodel Your Spare Room 

Consider your hobby and passion: 

  • A hobby or craft room: What’s your hobby and where can you show off your hobby or artworks? Painting, jewelry making or sewing... If you transform the empty nest into a fulfilling space based on your hobby, how amazing! However, you must bring some home pieces to deal with the troubles after your hobby time. For instance, the easy to clean furniture, floors and walls are important for those loving painting and carpentry, which will produce plenty of pigments and sawdust. 

  • Home Theater: It is fantastic to transform the spare room into a home theater. Remodel a wall for a big TV screen or projector screen. How great it is to feature this room with smart furniture and versatile pieces! Get a wall for the big screen and bring a projector TV stand inside which can strike balance between style and functionality. And it is convenient to place  a smart coffee table with fridge in such home theater. In the sake of creating a comfortable movie experience, consider to furnish with a deep seat couch and chaise lounge. 

  • A mini library or study corner: Mount the bookshelves on the full walls; introduce a floor lamp or table lamp; place a comfortable reading chair or single sofa, so here comes a reading room that is academic and quiet. Maintain the habit of continuous learning, which helps to improve yourself in the retirement life. 

  • Home Sport Room: The indoor gym allows you to continue your exercise habit at home. Design a large wall-to-floor mirror ensuring you to observe your fitness posture in all directions. Place treadmills, yoga mats, dumbbells, etc. inside to create a sporty atmosphere throughout the space. 

Consider other family members and friends: 

  • Guest bedroom: If your family is hospitable and often holds party with friends, the guest bedroom may be the best choice and the easiest way to remodel the spare room. You are able to continue to use the bed and dresser that your children used, with simple makeovers. 

  • Nursery: Create a lovely room for the grandchildren and it would provide chance to consolidate the family relationship. Consider the interior design and the kid’s preferences to bring a crib for baby or a single bed for a teenager, a desk or game table, Disney dolls, etc. into the nursery. If you're looking to style the spare room for your baby, Mommyhood101 offers a helpful guide to baby mattress choices that offer safety, comfort, and durability that are a perfect fit for your spare room decor. In addition, you are able to decorate the space with your own ideas to express the love and warmth to the grandchildren. 

Consider the functionality only:  

  • Home Office: Some people need spaces to deal with the urgent proposals, emails, chatting with clients at home. Moreover, more and more people get into career of live streaming at home, so a home office becomes a must. A comfortable and professional workspace should include an office desk set with chair, a small sofa with side table, or an accent chair. In fact, you are able to add other pieces depending on your working needs.  

  • Walk-in wardrobe or dressing space: For female, how wonderful to have a dressing room. It can be remodeled to connect with a bathroom to ease the way of dressing and makeup. Move the walk-in closet into the spare room to free up the space of the master bedroom. To perfect your dressing and makeup experience, customize the makeup table and cabinetry based on your personal using habit. 

  • A Multi-functional Room: If you only have a vacant room but there are multiple design ideas, why not transform it into a multifunctional room? It can flexibly be a temporary bedroom, a study room, a music room, and a sports room. Combine the characteristics of a variety of rooms at first and then equip it with the necessary furniture and equipment. Decisively discard the unnecessary pieces to keep simple and fresh look in the room. Bring the foldable bed frame inside, or simply remove the bed frame and use a folding mattress as a sleeping place. Additionally, how about a long table with a movable mirror, isn't it both a desk and dresser? 

Hope those spare room decorating ideas from Povison, www.povison.com, could inspire you. If you just own a small spare room, you are still able to make the most of it. Pick up the corresponding room idea and start with the measurements to design the new room you can enjoy inside every day.  



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