First Date Dos and Don'ts

Whether you're 16 or 66 going on a first date is fraught with emotion, from nerves to excitement, anticipation to hopefulness. But to help you nab that second date, here are some crucial dos and don’ts.


Give yourself time to get ready

The last thing you want to do when going on a first date is feel rushed and end up turning up to your date feeling stressed and maybe a little sweaty!

Instead, give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and if you're running late text your date so they don't think you've stood them up.

Wear something that makes you feel confident

Whether it's your favourite figure-hugging jeans or a lingerie set that makes you feel sexy, when you wear something that makes you feel confident, you'll instantly carry yourself differently, and instantly become more attractive.

Meet in a public place

With more and more of us turning to dating apps to find love, safety is of the utmost importance. Arrange to meet in a public place, and ideally don't have them pick you up at your home.

Let a loved one know where you are and have them call you during the date to make sure everything is ok.

Just because the times have changed doesn't mean that you have to waste time. There are many places to find older women interested in dating, it's just a matter of putting yourself out there.


Drink too much alcohol

Whilst alcohol may help calm your nerves, it's not attractive to be drunk and you may be putting yourself in danger. To stop yourself from drinking too much, consider driving to your date, but remember to stick to the drink drive limit.

Talk about your ex

Whether you're newly single or have been single for a while avoid talking about your ex. Even though around 18% of UK couples meet through friends, and they may know your ex, it's always wise to steer clear – at least on a first date.

Look at your phone

Even if the date is going to plan and you can't wait to leave, at least be courteous and avoid looking at your phone whilst they're with you. Of course, you can sneak a peek whilst they go to the loo, but you should give them your full attention the rest of the time.

Get ahead of yourself

If you've been messaging someone for a while before meeting them, it's easy to start picturing a future with them. But stay realistic and keep your expectations low, and then if the date goes well, it'll be a welcome surprise, and if it doesn't go well – that's fine too. You can swipe right on the next person!


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