Gifting Ideas For Special Family Occasions

Special family occasions are some of the most sacred moments in our lifetime. From significant birthdays and relationship anniversaries to notable milestones, these events are always filled with joy and laughter and unite family members near and far. Aside from the actual celebration, it can be hard to know how best to honour these events. Use this list of gifting ideas to find the perfect present for your next special family occasion. Whether you want to splash the cash or just give a gesture, these gifts are sure to be loved and treasured.

Significant birthday

Personalised jewellery

All birthdays are special, of course, but we tend to put more effort into celebrating significant ages such as 18, 30, and 50. A popular way to mark these birthdays is with personalised jewellery. This might look like a locket with a photo, a ring with an engraving, or a charm bracelet that can be added to by the recipient over time to reflect the many facets of their life and personality. You can also try to create a yearbook with all the memories of times you spend together.

Luxury watch

If your loved one is not a fan of jewellery, consider purchasing a luxury watch from a top-tier brand instead. These accessories have the additional advantage of useful functions as well as being a valuable statement piece that the recipient can cherish forever. From gold decoration to water-resistance and modern technologies, luxury watches boast a variety of features that make it easy to find the perfect match.


First car

Graduation, whether from school, college, or university, is a proud moment for parents and relatives. Gifting the graduate with their first car has become a popular present choice in recent years, especially in the US. This reflects the importance of the event and sets up the graduate for the future, providing transport for their first job or the next stage of their education.

Travel set

Is the graduate set on having a gap year before beginning university or starting their career? Bless their plans by presenting them with a travel set such as suitcase or backpack filled with useful accessories such as a thermal water bottle, passport cover, toiletries set, and holiday journal.


Spa voucher

Is one of your loved ones getting married this year? While many couples choose to have a wedding list with gift ideas, sometimes family members and close friends want to investigate more unique wedding gifts for newlyweds to mark the occasion in style. A great way to do this is to buy a spa voucher to enable the happy couple to enjoy some total rest and relaxation once the big day is over.

Honeymoon contribution

Another non-traditional wedding gift idea is to contribute to the couple’s honeymoon fund. You can give a lump sum of money, or alternatively you can sponsor a particular hotel or activity such as a luxury destination dining experience or two-night stay at a romantic beach villa.

Special Anniversary

Event tickets

By the time a special anniversary comes along, chances are you will have run out of gift ideas for your significant other. Why not stray away from physical presents and instead invest in some event tickets? You and your partner can celebrate in style together and create memories to last a lifetime whether you want to watch a sports match, go to a big concert, see a comedy show, or experience a festival.

Cooking class

Looking for something a little more sedate and serene for your special anniversary celebration? You could purchase a cooking class experience for you and your loved one instead. Watch or participate in a demonstration of how to make mouth-watering dishes before enjoying the fruits of your labour.


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