How Smartwatches Can Help You Improve Your Health

Are you looking to reset after a summer of overindulgence? Or are you in need of a boost to stay on track with your new year fitness goals? Investing in a smartwatch might be the answer. These handy devices help you to monitor your physical fitness, enhance your workouts, and keep you motivated through frequent reminders, the ultimate companion to help you improve your health.

Monitor your activities

The primary way that smartwatches can help you improve your health is through monitoring your activities. Typical activities that can be examined include:

  • Heart rate
  • Step count
  • Sleep quality

The ability of a smartwatch to monitor and display data relating to your physical performance is hugely beneficial in helping you to identify key areas for improvement. This is particularly true for physical elements that you are usually unaware of, such as your resting heart rate. In fact, the British Heart Foundation recommends fitness trackers because they help people to make lasting lifestyle changes that improve heart health.

Tailoring your fitness goals using your own personal data means that you are more likely to see results and feel healthier more quickly.

Connect you to Apps

Smartwatches also connect you directly to Apps that can further enhance your fitness goals.

For example, if you are following a prescribed exercise and diet plan, you can link to the relevant App through your smartwatch for instantaneous tracking. You can be sure that you have accurately recorded your nutritional intake and calories burned.

You could also connect your smartwatch to a fitness App which gives you immediate access to a wide variety of workout ideas including ‘how-to’ demonstrations and descriptions that will aid your technique and elevate your performance. Even more simple functionalities like a stopwatch or timer will be endlessly useful to enhancing your efforts in the gym.

There are a wide range of specific sports Apps to take advantage of through your smartwatch. For example, the connected model in the TAG Heuer watch collection comes in a special golf edition which provides access to over 40,000 courses and gives tips on how to improve your performance.

Keep you motivated

Another way that smartwatches can aid you in your efforts to improve your health is that they are an effective way to keep you motivated.

The main way that smartwatches work to keep you motivated is by sending you frequent reminders. Often accompanied with an eye-catching flash or gentle vibration, these reminders can relate to a wide range of things depending on your unique goals. Most common are reminders to move after a long period of sitting still, or to drink water to stay on track with your hydration goals.

Smartwatches also provide you with daily data that allows you to constantly track your progress. Being presented with evidence of improvement is one of the main motivators when trying to achieve any goal, so this is a sure-fire way to spur you on.


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