How to Choose a Comfortable Heel: Tricks You Didn't Know About!

We think everyone knows how shoes can dramatically change an outfit. Ordinary jeans and a T-shirt become a stylish set if you wear them with bright and original shoes. However, heels can be the most uncomfortable shoes, especially if you walk in them all day. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a comfortable heel: the right height so that the shoes are as comfortable as possible. And we’ll tell you how to combine shoes with different heel heights to look stylish and interesting!

Of course, trying to find the same pair that will be comfortable like house slippers is completely useless. And some flat shoes can be no less harmful than high stilettos. We suppose many have noticed that in some shoes you can walk all day, while in others your legs hurt after just a half an hour. Choose only comfortable heels like stiletto heels admired by modern fashionistas.

Why are some heels more comfortable than others?

The thing is that our foot has a natural angle of inclination, and according to that, each woman has her ideal height of heels. You can determine it for yourself. Walk around the house without shoes and stand on your toes. Which do you prefer: walking on your toes or the balls of your feet? The mobility of your ankles is also a factor, which depends on the size of the gap between your ankle and heel (tarsal sinuses). This is where the interosseous ligament is located. Therefore, those who have these ligaments that are less mobile feel better in flat shoes, and, accordingly, those who have more mobility here easily walk in stilettos.

How to determine the height of the heel?

So, here is an instruction on how to choose the right heel. You will need an assistant, so call your girlfriends, sisters, or mother since they will also need it (a reason for a party!).

  1. First of all, take off your shoes and then sit up straight in a chair. The seat must be flat, and the legs should be on the floor at an angle of 90 degrees, keep your back straight. You should feel comfortable.

  2. Put one leg in front of you in a straight line, while the other remains in its position.

  3. Now relax the foot and ankle on the outstretched leg. If you see how the foot goes down a little, it means, height is comfortable for you. 

  4. Take a measuring tape and look at the distance from the edge of the heel to the tip of the thumb toe (tape parallel to the floor). After that draw a mental line perpendicularly from the ball of the foot to the band. The length of that perpendicular line will be your perfect heel height.

All in all, when choosing shoes, consider:

  • Choose a well-constructed pair that will support your arch.
  • There should be enough room for your toes in the toe box, so it is very important to choose the right size for heels.
  • In the chosen pair of shoes, you should not lose balance.
  • It turns out that good shoes cannot be cheap. In the end, remember that, unlike shoes, you have one foot and it cannot be replaced or thrown away. So, take care of your feet.

Which heel to choose?

Heel 2-4 cm

This height is comfortable for most people. It lifts a little, the leg is comfortable, there is support for the foot, but there are no problems with maintaining balance. In addition, "kitten heels" look very cute and feminine, especially when combined with retro looks. Some low-heeled shoes look great with various ankle embellishments.

Heel 5-6 cm

In this case, you receive both stability and height. Looks more coquettish than shorter ones, but chaste at the same time. Mid-height shoes look great with an open toe, tapered heel, ankle, and heel straps. Choose it for wearing in the office and at an informal party.

Heel 7-9 cm

Possible to wear for any occasion. It is suitable for light and casual wedges and elegant pumps. If a bit too high for you, then wear such shoes for a short time and at events where you will mostly sit.

Heel 10-11 cm

Such a height is both chic and absurd at the same time due to the unnatural bend of the foot. In such shoes it is easy to create an image of a fatal seductress, just let there be enough space for fingers in the toe cap or choose models with an open toe. But mules and other models that do not support the arch of the foot should be abandoned, otherwise, you risk breaking not only your legs but also your neck.


If you cannot live without especially high shoes, then the platform will be the best resolution. On a platform of 3.4 cm, a 12 cm heel will feel like 8-9 cm, and this is more comfortable and stable. On the other hand, an incorrectly chosen platform can deprive you of stability, and your legs will tuck. So, it's trial and error here. You need to try on shoes until you find the pair in which you can easily maintain balance and your legs do not give way.


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