How to Easily Manage Your Child’s Phone Usage from Your Own Phone | Must-Read for Parents

If you look around, most children have smartphones. It’s not that you are against it, but there’s that fear parents have about how dangerous technologies are for their kids. And yes, having a phone makes them more vulnerable to predators, cyberbullying, and other risks. 

But you can’t be the only parent that doesn’t allow their child to have a phone. And you can’t neglect the fact it sounds good that you can communicate regardless of their location. 

The solution lies in getting them a smartphone that you can manage from your device. These gadgets are tamper-proof mobile phones with integrated parental controls. Keep reading to learn more about these devices!

Why Is a Customized Child’s Phone Your Best Option?

You’ve surely heard of parent monitoring apps that help track smartphone use. But children are tech-savvy nowadays. Even if you install the app, they know how to remove it via factory reset or to use safe mode.

That’s where kids phone comes into play. The trick is that it comes with integrated protection tools. They are a part of the phone by default, making them immune to tampering. It means that children can’t work around the rules you’ve established, which might sometimes happen when using an app on a standard phone.

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

With a specialized smartphone with built-in parental controls, you get the best of both worlds. These devices usually come from reputable brands. It indicates they are elegant and powerful, so that’s not a “child’s phone.” There’s no noticeable difference, and your kid will be proud to have it. The device comes with usual features, including a large LCD screen, powerful camera, earphone jack, etc.

And since kids’ phones come from reputable brands like MMGuardian, you can rest assured they come with reputable monitoring software. And the provider won’t require using a particular network. You are free to pick any phone airtime plan.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Use

Here’s a quick overview of the detailed steps to begin managing your kid’s phone use:

  1. Purchase a customized child’s phone from the desired provider.

  2. The integrated parental controls on the device require a subscription, so pick a plan that suits you.

  3. You’ll also need to subscribe to an airtime plan from any carrier in the US.

  4. Install the required app on your phone and connect it to the kid’s phone.

  5. Set the preferred settings and begin monitoring!

What Are the Options to Manage Your Child’s Phone?

The aim is to provide extensive management, so you can keep your child safe from online risks like cyberbullying. It’s why parental monitoring tools offer comprehensive features, such as:

  • Manage contacts. You can decide who your kid can text or call by using the contact management feature. That ensures they can’t get in touch with strangers.

  • Safety alerts. Thanks to this feature, the parental control apps recognize suspicious words and alert you immediately. If your kid chats about anything like sexting, cyberbullying, or suicide, you receive immediate notification.

  • Monitor messages. It’s a matter of trust, but if you feel it’s necessary, you can monitor your kid’s messages. That can provide additional detail about their activities and communication with other people.

  • Confirm app installations. Your child won’t be able to install software freely. Instead, you need to confirm which apps they can use first.

  • Limit app and phone use. Another convenient option is that you can set hours when your kid can use apps or for how long. The app also comes with a phone lock feature, which you can use when it’s time to study, or your kid could use a healthy break.

  • Block and filter URLs. By selecting the websites that they can or can’t visit, you improve your child’s online safety and limit exposure to sensitive content.

  • Location tracking. It’s great if you suspect your kid is skipping school or isn’t where they said they’ll be.

Final Thoughts – This Phone Has Become a Necessity!

In the times of modern technology, parents need to use the tools at their disposal to protect their children in the virtual world. Kids’ phones with built-in monitoring software ensure your children will only use the device as you see fit. That’ll reduce the risk of encountering online predators, cyberbullies, and other online dangers. It’s a simple but essential tool that provides parents peace of mind, which makes this product a smart long-term investment!


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