Use Your Smartphone to Monitor Solar Panels System

Today, technology is actively developing. Many people in the house install hybrid solar power plants. Using a smartphone, you can track their status, which is very convenient and practical. Before purchasing, it is necessary to study solar system reviews. There you can learn firsthand all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular equipment.

What are solar panels, and what are they necessary for?

Hybrid solar power plants are a combined type of off-grid solar power plants. They work as follows.

  1. During the daytime, sunlight goes to special batteries.
  2. The system redirects energy to the internal network while consumption is reduced.
  3. At night the system switches to power mode powered by industrial networks or special batteries.
  4. When the main power supply is turned off, the equipment turns on and works as an autonomous solar power plant. The energy of the sun, stored in the accumulators, continuously supplies the object with electricity.

This type of system is very popular today. It is in use not only on an industrial scale but also for equipping residential private houses, country cottages, shops, etc.

Solar battery system: complete set

The solar power system kit includes the following equipment:

  • hybrid inverters;
  • accumulators for the accumulation and storage of energy;
  • solar panels in the form of flat panels;
  • auxiliary elements: cables, mounts for modules, protection systems, etc.

Such autonomous power plants can be in use when the power is turned off, and the connection is going to be after a certain period of time. Relevant for installation in areas where there are frequent power outages. It is possible to sell surplus electricity. But the condition of such systems needs to be monitored regularly. For this, it is not necessary to purchase additional equipment. Today, there are a lot of monitoring applications. With their help, you can monitor the status of the station from your smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages of such power plants

Solar power plants have a number of advantages:

  • they provide silent, uninterrupted operation;
  • allow you to minimize the cost of electricity;
  • provide the premises with electricity when the main stations are turned off;
  • work autonomously;
  • the installation of the systems is possible on any object;
  • the settings system is automatic, so there is no need for special skills and maintenance by professionals;
  • can monitor the status through a mobile phone;
  • systems serve more than 25 years without complaints;
  • for the sale of the excess energy in the city network, you can get additional profit.

It is better to mount such systems in enterprises that work around the clock. However, the trend of installation for private or corporate purposes is growing every year. The disadvantages include high costs and the presence of restrictions on the use of inverters. Also, if the weather is cloudy for a long time, then the batteries do not have time to accumulate the required amount of energy.

Monitoring the status of systems through a smartphone?

With the development of technology, applications began to appear with the help of which you can monitor the condition of a solar power plant. This requires a solar power monitoring system. It allows you to solve a number of problems.

  1. No need to run to the inverter to check the battery status.
  2. The tracking functionality is simpler than the basic version from manufacturers. In addition, the number of functions has been increased.
  3. You can track the status from afar, for example, on a business trip, during a vacation, etc.
  4. You can track the status so as not to lose funds. For example, a plant breakdown may occur, due to which the amount of energy generated will be at a minimum. When using the application, you can control all changes.

Station monitoring is best purchased immediately. Today, you can monitor the system remotely, using various applications, telegram bots, and manufacturers' websites.

Types of monitoring systems

There are several options for monitoring systems for home stations.

Type of monitoring system

Features of use

Industrial devices

They are intended for large systems where there are more than ten installed inverters.


Assembled by hand

This option is most relevant for private use. To do this, you need to install the time viewer on your smartphone and in the inverter. By connecting to the gadget from another smartphone, you can use the application to study the state of the power plant.


Monitoring from the manufacturer of the solar system

Connectors transmit information to the manufacturer's server, after which the data comes to mobile applications or on the official website.



You need to choose based on the purpose for which the system was installed.

SolarEdge Monitoring App - Features, Benefits, and Connectivity

Programs for tracking the condition of solar panels are especially popular today. To use them, you have to install one of the above monitoring systems.

Among a large number of programs, SolarEdge is the most popular. This is the best solar monitoring app that can be in use when it comes to monitoring the power of a personal solar station and the level of energy produced. You can access the program using any device: tablet, smartphone, computer, or laptop. However, the gadget must have access to the Internet. To connect solar panels to a smartphone, you need to follow a certain algorithm.

  1. First you need to download the program. It is possible installing it for free on both iPhone and Android smartphones. To do this, just find it in the list of AppStore, and GooglePlay.
  2. After the inverter connects to the Internet, the program automatically connects to it and starts monitoring the performance.
  3. Now you can track the status and performance level of the system.

Using the application is the most convenient way to control the operation of a solar power plant.

SolarCT Application

The app for solar panels is also popular today. It has an advanced and simple way to calculate the energy that comes from solar panels. Even though the interface may seem complicated, this program is well divided into categories. With due attention, you can quickly figure it out. It will help in several cases:

  • when it is necessary to study the level of solar radiation and electricity production;
  • if you need to know the reserves;
  • when it is necessary to determine the level of your energy consumption;
  • if it is necessary to obtain information on the correct installation of the entire system.

The program allows you to understand in what situations it is better to turn off some devices to save energy.

Benefits of using this monitoring method

Using a monitoring application provides the system owner with several benefits.

  1. The owner can see all technical data.
  2. In addition, you can track the financial performance of your personal station, receiving it in the form of interactive graphs.
  3. The user will have a wide range of reporting and status analysis tools.
  4. The application notifies you of problems automatically.
  5. Troubleshooting can be done remotely.

What's more, SolarEdge gives everyone free access for 25 years. This is an absolute advantage, as there will be no additional costs. Thanks to monitoring, a person can save money and increase his income from the sale of excess energy. Thanks to the ability to track the technical condition of a personal SES, you can detect problems in time and fix them without losing personal funds.


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