How to Improve Your Relationship During Trying Times

Every relationship needs to be nurtured. They require commitment from both ends to flourish in the long run. However, even the happiest of couples can run into problems, especially during stressful periods like the pandemic when you are forced to love the one you’re with. For this reason, it's important to find ways to bond and keep that spark alive. Here are three ways to bond with your better half and improve communication.

Communicate More

If there's one pillar that every relationship is built upon, it’s communication. You’d be amazed at how many relationships fail due to miscommunication. Not letting them know when something upsets you builds resentment and often leads to unnecessary arguments. It can also drive a wedge between the two of you, making basic pleasantries few and far between. Proper communication not only strengthens your relationship, but also helps it evolve.

Schedule Couple Time

When it's with the right person, spending time with them becomes second nature. In fact, there's probably nowhere else you want to be. However, as time goes on and you become more comfortable, you may find yourself wanting time with friends as well. This is a normal piece of any relationship, however, you also need to maintain that connection with your partner. This is why you and your partner should always find time or set a day where you’re not busy to be together. For married couples, pick a day where date night won’t be interrupted.

If you have children, you might be wondering how to manage some alone time. Even if you have a newborn, you can still have couple time. A high-quality baby monitor keeps an eye on your baby while enjoying time together. If your children are a bit older, you can always hire a babysitter, ask another family member or trusted friend to look after them. There are many things you two can do together that’s not over-the-top or too extravagant. Finding a hobby you can share together like riding e-bikes is a simple, yet exciting activity and are considered much better than going on a Peloton. So, the next time you two decide to go enjoy the fresh breeze, buy an Ebike, they beat a Peloton any day.

Try a New Activity

Speaking of date night, a great way to make it special is trying something new with your significant other. Instead of the dinner at the same restaurant, you both could try something you wouldn’t normally do. While there are a lot of fun things to do, the following are noteworthy suggestions:

  • Take a pottery class together
  • Go to a museum and learn about something historical
  • Spend time cooking together and trying out new recipes
  • Play a board game that’s been collecting dust for a while
  • Try out an online exercise class
  • Go out for a nice evening stroll
  • Read a new book together

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is more than the initial honeymoon phase. So, whether you've been together two weeks or 20 years, find ways to make your partner to priority every day.


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