Men’s Watch: How to Choose

Nowadays a watch is not only a practical thing but also a stylish accessory, that speaks about the status and material well-being of the owner. Therefore, it is very important to take a responsible approach to the choice of watches. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to choose the right one.

Types of men's watches by a mechanism

The main factor when choosing a watch is the type of mechanism.

  • Quartz

This type of clock mechanism works due to quartz, which gives an impulse to a stepper motor that sets in motion the arrows. Usually, the quartz movement is used in the manufacture of women's watches, since because of the small size of the case, there is little space in them. Such an accessory is characterized by affordable price and high accuracy. The high cost of quartz watches may be related to the design with precious stones and metals. The quartz mechanism does not need to be wound up, it is enough just to charge the battery from time to time.

  • Electronic

This is one of the types of quartz mechanisms. Its difference lies in the fact that quartz transmits aт impulse not to a stepper motor, but to a generator that sends signals to a microprocessor. The electronic watch is equipped with a display showing the time and with additional parameters. The popularity of electronic devices is explained by the low cost and high accuracy. There are models where the time is indicated by the arrows on the electronic dial.

  • Mechanical

Mechanical watches work on the principle of a gearbox: the arrows are managed by compression and stretching of the spring. In this mechanism, the gears turn at the moment when the spring is released. So, the accuracy of the clock is determined by the materials of manufacture of gears, as well as crystals- the stones on which they are fixed. Mechanical watches are wound by a special screw located on the case, so they do not need to change the batteries. The average service life of mechanical watches is 50 years, but they must be wound up manually in time.

Criteria of choosing a men's watch

Choosing the perfect watch for a man is not an easy task, as an individual approach is needed here. However, the general characteristics of such accessories are restraint, elegance, and functionality. In order to make a successful purchase, pay attention to the following tips.

  • Case shape

Men's watches can be round, square, with rounded edges, rectangular, designer models can be of a special irregular shape. The color scheme is usually restrained, mainly there are dark tones. To make the watch look beautiful on your hand, it is important to choose the right size. The weight of the product also depends on the shape, so it is necessary that the accessory sits comfortably.

  • Bracelet or strap

Modern men's watches sometimes have a genuine leather strap included - it gives the accessory rigor and elegance and looks flawless. However, the cost of such watches is quite high. A more widespread option is a watch with a suede strap, and it looks no less presentable. If you are looking for an inexpensive watch, then take a closer look at the models with a steel bracelet. This is a convenient model, which also goes well with the men's style. And gold watches for men give the look of manhood and rigor. This is not just a watch, but stylish decoration.

  • Glass and dial

The first thing you pay attention to when you look at the clock is the dial. It can be decorated with numbers and arrows or equipped with a display that shows the time. The numbers can be simple to make the time easier to read, or they can have fancy outlines. Luminous arrows have better visibility in the dark or in bad weather. The glass protects the watch face from external actions. It can be made of plastic, crystal, mineral, or artificial sapphire. The last of these is the most durable and wearable material. It is not susceptible to scratches and it is difficult to break it.

  • Protection level

The level of protection is indicated on the back cover of the device and is measured in atmospheres. This is an important characteristic of men's watches, as it shows how reliable the chronometer is. The higher the level of protection against his and moisture, the more durable the accessory. For men who lead an active lifestyle, it is better to choose the quartz one. Hits protection is achieved by using special dampers and seals, which are subject to mandatory certification. Knowing exactly what indicators of this characteristic you need, it is easy to pick up a watch that will perfectly fit you.

So, in this article, we have told you about characteristics you need to pay attention to when choosing a watch. We hope that this information was useful for you.


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