Monochrome Colors: How to Create a Perfect Look?

Would you like to create a harmonious, but at the same time amazing look that attracts the eyes of others? Several methods of clothes in combination work to achieve such a result, one of which is the ability to combine different shades of the same color. So, in the article below we will talk about monochrome sets.

Monochrome sets can be very beautiful. Moreover, they are synonymous with refined elegance and can produce a very strong effect. Nevertheless, creating a harmonious look with only one color requires some knowledge about it. Let's figure out what monochrome is and how it works in ladies fashion.

What is a monochrome image?

Monochrome can refer to any set consisting of clothes of shades of the same color. The chosen color can be absolutely any color, including black, gray, or white. You can incorporate clothes, shoes and even your hair. Wondering how black hair is different from other ethnicities? Check here to know more and find out.  By the way, a monochrome image created in neutral colors looks especially elegant.

Now let's see how monochrome works.

How to combine shades of the same color

There are only two rules here, but they are very important. They must be followed so that the combination of different shades looks good.

Rule 1: One temperature

That is, cold with cold, warm with warm. Also, there are temperature-neutral shades for each color that lack a warm or cold undertone: it is so-called real red, real blue, real green, and so on. They can be combined with their shades of any temperature.

Rule 2: Pure or muted

It is not advisable to mix pure and muted shades, that in a pure background, a muted shade will seem dirty and faded.

Techniques for creating a monochrome image

Now let's look at the five techniques that will turn a monochrome set into real art.

1. Combine different shades

This technique allows adding variety to the look, especially when combining deep or neutral shades of beige, brown, gray, etc.

Often people believe that a monochrome set can be created only by choosing clothes "color to color", but this is not quite true. Of course, you can combine things of the same shade, and it is quite possible that you will get a beautiful result, but such clothes are very difficult to pick up. In addition, the combination of different shades often looks more impressive.

So, you don't have to look for the same color of the bottom to your top. In this case, you are less likely to make a mistake, since such a difference in shades will look interesting itself.

Nevertheless, when combining clothes of the same shade, it would be great to use the other techniques, which will be discussed below.

2. Combine different textures

Combining different textures is a very good idea because by experimenting with the difference in textures, you can create real masterpieces. It is especially important to use this technique when combining close shades. Folds and textured surfaces can be combined with smooth fabrics, matte with shiny, soft, and delicate textures with rough, and thin materials with dense and heavy. This technique works perfectly, so try to use it not only in monochrome looks. Pay attention, that it is very important to create a combination of different textures in dark color sets, especially black.

3. Combine colors of different depths

The combination of light and dark shades of the same color gives an amazing variety that it is not possible to determine immediately that we have a monochrome set in front of us.

If you have a contrast appearance, then this technique is created for you. The higher your own contrast in brightness, the more contrast you can create in your image.

4. Break up monochrome with achromatic colors

Adding white, gray, and black will not harm the status of monochrome, your set will still look very impressive. Inclusions of achromatic colors will be able to break up the monotone palette, making look more voluminous.

For brunettes and brown-haired women, it is advisable to add black or gray, if the color of the look is light - it will help to emphasize the hair color. White and light gray will refresh any set made up in dark tones, and also add contrast in lightness, if necessary.

In combination with a bright color, white will reduce its intense effect, making it softer, and not so dramatic.

5. Use interesting accessories

This technique will help to make not only a monochrome set more spectacular but also any other. Moreover, in the case of playing on shades of the same color, it is especially important to take into account all the factors that will help bring variety.

An interesting bag, shoes, jewelry, belts - all of this help to create a unique and inimitable look. Furthermore, details like nothing else, help to reflect your personality.

So, do not neglect accessories, they play a really important role in our lives, and it is difficult to overestimate them.

Of course, all these techniques can be combined without stopping at one thing. Experiment, play with each of them, try to create new and interesting combinations that you have never tried yet.


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