New Survey Confirms You’re Never Too Old for Love

A recent survey conducted by independent final expense insurance agency Choice Mutual found that you are, in fact, never too old for love. Whether you’ve been in love for years or you’ve yet to find it, it’s never too late to start your search and you shouldn’t give up on it.

Choice Mutual surveyed 2,000 adults, ages 55+, to find out what love and relationships are like in their lives. They found that the majority of seniors in relationships met through someone they knew—mutual friends, being set up on a blind date, or similar situations. But that’s not the only way people reported meeting their romantic partners—many of them also found love at work, school, on dating apps, through a religious setting, and even at senior living communities and retirement homes. You really never know where (or when) you’re going to meet that special someone.

There are many seniors that use dating apps while on the hunt for a new relationship. About one-third of actively dating seniors use dating apps and websites, and of those, two-thirds have been in a relationship with someone they met on an app or site.

  • 35% found a relationship on Tinder
  • The next most successful dating apps for seniors are (28% found a relationship), Hinge (25%), and Plenty of Fish (25%)

But in love, there are also some misfortunes. About 10% of seniors have never been in a relationship lasting longer than one year. And sometimes, hearts can truly break when one loses their spouse. Of those who are widowed, only 14% of respondents said they have seriously dated within the last 5 years.

Cheating is another thing that seniors, like anyone else, struggle with in relationships throughout their lives. Only 48% of seniors reported never experiencing cheating in a relationship. Of those that have dealt with cheating:

  • 12% reported they have cheated on a partner
  • 26% had a partner cheat on them
  • 14% have both cheated on a partner and been cheated on by their partner (not always in the same relationship, but throughout the course of all their relationships)

The survey also found evidence that people who haven’t experienced cheating in any form are more likely to be married. Approximately 62% of married respondents had never dealt with cheating in any form in a relationship, whereas 72% of those who were divorced or separated experienced some form of infidelity throughout their lives (only 27% had never cheated or been cheated on).

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