Rise in Caravan Holidays’ Popularity

Caravan holidays have been particularly popular this year, whether due to COVID-19 or Brexit the British public have been opting for caravans and for domestic tourism. This trend seems set to continue into 2021 as a study by Park Holidays has revealed 7.4million Brits plan to travel exclusively within the UK and many more are considering an increase to their domestic travel. But who or what is driving this trend?

In the past, caravan holidays were seen as something to do when you reach a certain age, however young travellers (especially those with families) are now also showing an interest in caravans. Research shows that the average age of buyers has seen a shift “from 50-70 years old to 30-50”, experts believe that Brexit and the pandemic are behind this sudden interest saying:

“The influence of COVID-19, coupled with the already growing popularity of the caravan sector due to Brexit, has made 2020 a record-breaking year in terms of leisure vehicle sales."

Additionally, restrictions this year meant that travel would be easier if done domestically which only served to boost the trend:

“We believe the combination of health risks, the expense and hassle of overseas travel and uncertainty around Brexit has highlighted the appeal of caravan and lodge ownership at a holiday park. Being able to jump in your car and be on holiday in an hour or two whenever you choose is very appealing to people who have been locked down for several months” Geoff Barnes, Marketing Director at Park Holidays, explained.

Another factor that explains this sudden interest is that younger generations are increasingly concerned with the environment. People are wanting to travel more sustainably and enjoy more of nature with research showing  that “Lockdown made many people stop and think about the world we live in, and how we can protect our planet”, so people are choosing camping over flying abroad.

Moreover since the “staycation boom” holiday parks have been investing not only on better caravans and motorhomes, but also on their camping sites. Ensuring all amenities comply with current regulations, reinventing their parks making sure there is more to keep entire families happy – meaning families have all they need within the site.

This sudden interest brings a glimmer of hope to towns that rely on domestic tourism to boost their economy. It’s an exciting opportunity for these cities to ensure they cater to this younger public ensuring they’ll continue to return in the coming years.


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