The Benefits Of Zelle

Zelle’s increased popularity and availability means that more people are using the service to transfer money to friends and family. However, with it being a newer service, some people are understandably nervous about using it to transfer their money without more information. 

We have gathered information regarding why Zelle is loved and repeatedly used by its existing users and why there are new users signing up regularly. Zelle has a great and very user-friendly website with an extensive FAQ section, so if there is anything we have not covered today, check out the website.

What Zelle does

Zelle is a payment transfer service that allows you to send money without needing the bank details of the person you are sending them to. You can use an email address or US cell phone number to send the money to someone. Once received, if the person receiving the payment has Zelle, the money you have transferred will automatically be paid into their bank account. 

The automatic process is quick and easy, and it removes the need to give your bank details to people you do not know that well. If you are collecting for a colleague leaving or taking payments for items for a block party, you may not know everyone who will be contributing. If that is the case, Zelle allows you to give nothing more than your email address or cell phone number but still receive the payment.


Zelle is a completely free service to use. There are no transaction or setup fees. This makes it a safe and free service to use, which is extremely easy to set up and use. With day-to-day living expenses increasing steadily, transaction fees can change a purchase from affordable to unaffordable. We like that Zelle removes that concern and allows 100% of the transaction to be received by the recipient. 

Zelle transfers take minutes under most circumstances. If both parties are already enrolled with Zelle and have a US checking or savings account attached to Zelle, the payment should take a very short amount of time to complete. If you see your Zelle payment pending or the transaction is taking a while to complete, you should check if the other party is enrolled for Zelle payment transfers. 

Another excellent benefit of using Zelle is that you do not have to be with the same bank as the recipient for a quick transaction to take place. Usually, if you are sending money to a different bank, there can be delays. However, with Zelle, this is not the case. The Zelle service was created with quick money transfers in mind and has achieved this. 

There are 1,000 banks currently partnered with Zelle to give their customers access to the service. Providing your bank is partnered, which you can check with either your bank or on the Zelle website, both parties can use Zelle either through their banking app or the Zelle app directly. The ability to use with any partnered bank makes transfers much less complicated and ensures a smooth and quick transfer process for both parties.


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