The Future of Coliving

They say the past always circle around to catch up on us. Coliving is something that is as old as the mountains and yet new as today. Way back then, like the bushman, people used to stay together in a dwelling place and shared meals and spent time having fun together. Coliving just makes sense if you think about it. In this article we will look at the Future of Coliving and what that means for me, the reader. There are many options for coliving in NYC, as this option is fast becoming a new trend in the New York City lifestyle.

In this article we will look at the following:

  • the history of coliving;

  • the current day coliving;

  • and the future of colving.

The Past

Coliving was the way to go before fancy houses were built. Dating back to the Paleolithic Age, when people used to be more nomadic. Coliving was done by living in caves or huts that were constructed. The advantages were great and people used to be stronger in numbers and thus large family groups would be found traveling along and colive in peace and joy.

Even the legendary old vikings used to be coliving. Trading was done differently, not like Wall street today. Trading was done by bartering and a sheep for a goat was the payment system. To protect your sheep and horses from theft, coliving was the best security available. There was no quick response police offer available that could be called to help with someone trying to break in.

The Present

We went from coliving with family groups to individual house living and sometimes surrounded by other houses and strangers. It's gone a long way and now it's going back towards the past again. With everything more and more expensive and less and less jobs available, it sure is getting difficult to keep up with the bills.

In America alone, about 1 million evictions are filed in a year because of non payment. This must say something, the cost of housing is not affordable.  

The Future

With everything on the increase, from fuel to groceries, keeping all bills covered is getting harder. Coliving is the cheapest and most comfortable way to enjoy your days. You don't need to sacrifice that big house you are dreaming of. With more and more people being born each day and the cost of living increasing, the future seems to be telling us that coliving will be the way to get things done in the future.

Coliving is both the past, the present and the future! Not much else that can be said about it. Reading this article you can see where the coliving trend is moving and what the future holds for us. Coliving is not just a living, but a lifestyle if you choose. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages and it certainly is known for its affordable options, sense of community and practical solutions to your living requirements. Coliving is going to be a great part of the future!


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