The Reasons to Not Ignore Immediate Medical Attention After an Accident

An article from USA Today states that there has been a 16% increase in the number of fatal accidents in the US. The same article also states that there were 6,102,936 vehicle accidents in the US that were reported to the police. These numbers are a stark reminder that people don’t seem to be taking others’ safety too seriously.

So what can be done in such situations?

The obvious answer is to be more careful in our everyday activities. Avoid multi-tasking when carrying out tasks that require complete attention, like driving. Understand that just as the other person has a duty of care for you, you owe a duty of care to others around you.

As for those unfortunate enough to be injured due to someone else’s negligence, the best option is to hire a personal injury attorney. They are skilled legal professionals who will guide you towards fair compensation.

An attorney can only do so much. You have a role to play as well. And that role begins the moment the accident that causes your injuries happens.

One, if not the most, important aspect that strengthens a personal injury claim is the delay between the accident and the medical treatment sought.

Is Medical Assistance that Big of a Deal?

Absolutely, yes!!

All accidents tend to cause some kind of injury. Some are minor, while others are major.

Regardless of whether your injuries are minor or major, it is recommended to visit the nearest hospital or medical practitioner as soon as possible.

The sections below discuss the reasons why.

Treatment for Your Injuries

You knew this was coming.

The main purpose of a visit to the hospital is to get your injuries treated.

Timely medical intervention prevents injuries from becoming worse. It also puts you on the road to recovery.

Prompt medical attention is crucial, especially when the victim has suffered severe injuries. Delays could prove costly.

Diagnosing Hidden Injuries

This is a scary reality that anyone can end up with.

Some people survive nasty accidents without injuries. Everyone may consider it a miracle and move on, being thankful that the victim was unharmed.

But nothing would be further than the truth.

The victim may have been injured, but their exceptionally high adrenaline levels are masking the pain related to the injury. The pain sets in once the adrenaline levels go back to normal. By the time that happens, the actual injury will have worsened.

Then there are instances where the injury doesn’t show any immediate symptoms. Conditions like whiplash and concussions are notorious for this. A quick checkup by the doctor makes it easy to treat these conditions.

Justifying the Injuries

This happens when the insurance company investigates the compensation claim. The first thing they will look into is whether the victim sought medical attention immediately after the accident.

One reason they do this is to check the severity of the victim’s injuries. Serious injuries require immediate medical attention, so that isn’t an issue here.

However, if the victim suffered minor injuries or got out of the accident unscathed, then there was no reason to visit the hospital. In fact, if the victim did not suffer any injury or loss due to the accident, they don’t have a valid personal injury claim as well.

The insurance company will easily deny the claim, stating that the victim did not visit the hospital as they were feeling fine. And the condition they’re suffering from now is a result of something unrelated to the accident.

Wrapping Up

An accident has numerous consequences, physical injuries being one of them. If you’ve been in an accident, don’t skip visiting a hospital. You may feel fine now, but it might be too late when injuries show up.

Not visiting a hospital will also impact your compensation claim. It’d be a wise move to get medical attention immediately after an accident and seek the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.


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