Tips for Matching Your Outfit To Brand Name Sneakers

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or only have a pair or two, you want to look good with your new kicks. However, when you’re out picking them up, you’re probably not thinking about what clothes you’re going to wear with them. No, you’re more worried about the design, the color, and the style, not to mention the brand. When you think about it, you really should worry about clothing. For other shoes, like loafers, you consider the suit. Hiking boots require rugged and hardy clothes. Sneakers, on the other hand, are versatile, but you can’t wear them with anything. Here are some tips so that you can match the right outfit with the right sneakers and look great no matter what.

The Right Pant

If your sneakers look good, then you definitely want people to see them. Wide cuffs and boot fits will slide over your shoes and hide them. If you go with a skinny style of pants, then your shoes will look bulky. It’s vital that you have the right pants to go with your sneakers. Usually a straight leg will work well if your shoes are bulkier. If you have a narrow shoe, then go with a slim or tapered fit. This is better to show them off to your adoring public.

Contrast Strategically

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos can probably go to work or a high-powered business meeting wearing whatever they want. They could wear a hoodie and jeans, if it suited them. However, you aren’t either of them. You shouldn’t wear sneakers in any situation that requires business wear. However, you can wear contrasting styles. For instance, sneakerboots might go with a topcoat, or a modern outfit might go with a retro style of shoe. There are any number of mix and match contrasting looks that will work for you. When you do this, remember to ensure the colors complement each other, other than in unique situations. For example, if you have dark shoes, try khakis or other lighter shaded pants.

Ready Made Clothing

Of course, if you’re not sure what will go with your sneakers, you can always check with some experts. There are sites like illCurrency that design shirts to go with specific sneakers. Each t-shirt will have design elements or color elements that are consistent with the shoe that it is matched with. You can buy Air Jordans, Timbaland, Nike Dunk, Adidas, and any other type of sneaker. They take the guessing right out of it. They even have several options for each shoe so there is bound to be something just right for you. You can buy with confidence and have the perfect shirts for your shoes.

Don’t Match

Here’s the thing: there are so many articles of clothing designed around sneakers, you could probably buy an entire outfit that matches, all the way down. While this is something people did in the 90’s, it isn’t a great choice now. You could end up looking like a walking advertisement or a mascot. What you can do, though, is wear something up top that has an element for the sneaker. For instance, if the graphic on your tee matches a color on your shoe, it can be very striking and look coordinated and cool.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

A general rule of thumb is that your sneakers should match the style of your outfit, but not necessarily the color. That means it should match the vibe and the energy that your sneakers give off. That includes any accessories that you might have on. For example if you are wearing high-end sneakers, then you need to have on high-end jewelry. You might not think so, but it’s noticeable when your accessories aren’t of the same quality as the shoes. Of course, if you have low-end or relaxed sneakers, then you don’t need your accessories to be out of this world. Just make sure you check yourself out in the mirror before going out and see how your outfit comes together, accessories and all.

Style Matches

You might think that any sneaker will go with any style, but that is simply not correct. Certain shoes go with certain styles of clothing, or else they look disjointed and distracting. If you were dressing up, then it’s best to use trainers. They are understated and leave attention for the suit. They are clean and uncluttered, just as loafers and brogues are.

As mentioned before, contrasting a retro sneaker with more modern clothing works really well. You wouldn’t want to do the reverse since you’d look like you stepped out of a time machine to try on sneakers. Obviously you’d want runners for the gym, but they also go with hoodies so you can be stylish but still casual. If you are dressing up to look good for a night on the town, then high-tops are a nice go-to choice. They’re comfortable, but also stylish.

As you can see, wearing sneakers stylishly isn’t as simple as putting them on and lacing them up. To be a true sneaker god, you have to make the right choices so that your sneaks stand out and your style gets its due as well. Use these tips to look your best in any kind of sneaker in your closet.


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