Top Makeup Trends for Fall and Spring

With the onset of the new season, designers, fashion designers, makeup artists, and stylists offer us new fashion trends, both in clothing fashion and new makeup trends for 2022-2023. Beautiful makeup is designed to emphasize some facial features and hide imperfections, if any, as well as even out the tone of the face and give expressiveness to the eyes and lips. Modern makeup is diverse in its variations, which you can easily repeat and be in trend with fashion makeup for autumn-spring 2022-2023.

Eye of Horus shows that this season, an important and key motive is naturalness, which will please women, emphasizing their femininity and attractiveness even more.

Among the fashion trends and styles of autumn-winter makeup, the following can be distinguished: natural and nude makeup, pink makeup, colored shadows, silver in makeup, lips without a clear contour, discolored eyebrows, oily eyeliner, spider-leg eyelashes with an emphasis on the lower eyelid and some others.

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Highlighted lashes: focus on the lower eyelid

One of the most popular trends in modern makeup is highlighted cilia tufts, the so-called spider legs. To achieve this effect on the eyes, it is enough to apply several layers of mascara in a row without separating the eyelashes. You can create an accent on the eyes by carefully painting over only the upper cilia while highlighting individual lashes, and you can also create an accent on the lower eyelid using glued cilia, which is also very important.

Original makeup: bleached eyebrows

We are all used to spectacular and pronounced eyebrows, but this season, makeup artists decided to surprise us and demonstrated unusual bows at the shows of famous designers, where the girls presented autumn-winter makeup with bleached eyebrows, which is very bold and unusual.

Colored shadows

You can draw attention to the eyes and focus on them using bright shades of rich shades - pink, raspberry, fuchsia, sunny yellow, peach, orange, blue and other colors. The original make-up with bright neon shades on the eyelids will certainly cheer up not only you but also those around you, giving freshness on cloudy and cool days.

Thick arrows

This season, it’s not enough to draw classic arrows - you need to draw bold geometric arrows that give expressiveness to the eyes. Here you cannot do with a simple eyeliner, makeup artists recommend using special shadows with a dense texture, which will help you achieve fashionable make-up with thick arrows.

Smudged lips: lips that lack a clear outline

If you want to perform trendy lip makeup in 2022-2023, then forget about the lip pencil. Trendy lip makeup is slightly smeared lips without a clear contour in bright saturated shades - cherry, burgundy, raspberry.

Silver and metal are the makeup trend of 2022-2023

Actual metallic glitters in a silver shade are the main trend in eye makeup. Use a wide variety of silver eyeshadow options - sparkles, smoky eyes, accents in the corners of the eyes, and even silver arrows.

Natural beauty: natural makeup

Natural makeup is very common and widely demonstrated in the autumn-winter season at fashion shows. Perfect and flawless skin is the basis of natural makeup in 2022-2023. Nude makeup, complemented by natural eyebrows without clear contouring, is the best example of feminine natural makeup for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023, which will delight you with its lightness and ease.

Sophisticated pink fall-winter makeup

Romantic makeup in pink colors is more popular than ever in 2022-2023. There can be several accents in fashionable pink makeup at the same time - on the eyes, cheekbones, or lips.

Wet skin

Health is our main wealth. The pandemic forced us to memorize this lesson. So why not show off the most valuable? This message was read at the autumn-winter shows, where flawless skin with a slightly damp effect was emphasized by all available means.

Catchy lipstick

Lipstick has ceased to be a must-have item in the last year and a half - the need to wear masks almost everywhere and everywhere has forced fashionistas to reconsider their views on fashionable makeup. However, stylists still offer to indulge in the pleasure of making up lips and choose the brightest shades for this: from berry to maroon, as well as options with a metallic finish.

Black eyeliner

But the black liner, on the contrary, has become one of the most sought-after and popular beauty products. After all, if only the eyes are visible because of the mask, then you need to pay twice as much attention to them! Fashion trends in makeup instantly respond to all the changes in our lives, but they also take into account the season: if bright shadows were in trend in summer, then black eyeliner will come to the fore by autumn. Graphic arrows, highlighted outer corners of the eyes, dramatic eyeliner, "flying away" far beyond the upper eyelid - all this, according to makeup artists, will be very fashionable and relevant.

Pink blush

In winter, the blush on our cheeks will be natural, from frost. But in the fall, designers offer to use "auxiliaries" in the form of pink blush.  It is believed that make up for every day will look better with a delicate and touching blush.


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