What Are the Accessories Needed for an Electric Violin?

As we highlighted in a recent article, it's never too late to learn how to play an instrument. And there's good reason to do so: playing an instrument can improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being. It helps protect cognitive function, improve listening skills and memory, all of which are especially important as you age. You'll also pick up a new hobby. So what instrument should you play? While there are many to choose from, perhaps you'll consider trying the electric violin.

Electric violins may be cheaper than acoustic violins. The price range can start from $350 and can extend to $2,000. But there are certain accessories that you need to buy and it ranges from headphones to jack cables. Below is a list of accessories that is a must-have for electric violins.

List of accessories for Electric Violin

1. Headphones

Yes, you can play electric violins with headphones. But it varies depending on the type of electric violin. The two ways to use headphones while playing the electric violin are either through a 3.55 mm jack or a 6.35 mm jack. The differences between these two are that the former can directly be connected through the headphones and the latter needs an intermediate interface.

2. Amplifier

A good-sounding amplifier is a must for an electric violin. But to get the best one, consider its size, power, input channels, voicing, and effects. It will be convenient to get a small amplifier without sacrificing its quality. You will need to carry this every day and opting for a big size is not feasible.


Electric violins come with an excellent tone already. But if you want something that is customizable and may fit your preference, a pre-amplifier is an option.  The question is, “Do you need a pre-amp besides an amplifier?” To answer this, it depends on the type of violin you use. Some electric violins have built-in internal preamp but for passive electronic violins, you will most likely need a preamp.

5. Digital Tuner

Like the standard acoustic violins, electric violins are also tuned but not by the endless and long process of the usual tuning. A digital tuner is used to perfect the fifths of the strings.

6. Wireless system

In electric violins, you will have to deal with wirings. But with a wireless system, you do not need to bear with these tangled cables. A wireless system has a strong signal strength so the transmission between the electric violin and amplifier is seamless.

7. Speakers

There are certain tones you may want to produce with your electric violin. For example, in order to produce a good and steady bass, you will need a speaker. The size varies depending on your preference but a 10-inch would be sufficient.

8. Jack Cables

Jack cables are key in connecting electric violins to certain components like an amplifier, speakers, and other essential items. For example, in setting up your electric violin, you will need to connect it using a jack cable through the amplifier. There are different connectivity, especially on certain effects, that you need to do.


Violins are designed with an excellent sound. But violin accessories are designed to improve the playability of the performance. It also helps when it comes to practicing new skills. Overall, violin accessories are not an additional expense but an investment for the long term. It may be costly but the payback is greater in return. 


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