A Salute to the Boomers This Labor Day

Labor Day, an American holiday that celebrates the social and economic achievements of our workers, winds down the summer every first Monday in September. Created by the labor movement in the late 19th century, it pays tribute to the contributions workers have made to the prosperity of our country. Labor Day is an official flag holiday and many people celebrate the holiday by proudly flying their American flag at full-staff. The day is often spent grilling with family and friends. But Labor Day also offers a time to reflect on good old-fashioned work ethic.

It's no secret that younger generations aren't subjected to hard, physical labor like many of us and older generations experienced. And why should they be? Advances through the years have diminished the need for every day laborious chores that were once common. Rather, a lot of our kids and grandkids are given chores, if they are given chores at all, such as setting the dinner table or feeding the dog...hardly anything that would cause a sweat to break out.

This article on FoxNews, written by Mike Kerrigan, is an entertaining read that highlights this sentiment. Kerrigan salutes the older baby boomers, particularly his father and the fathers of his childhood friends. He talks about how these men taught him about freedom, how they helped him become a man, all through hard labor and work. Reading this will probably bring back some of your own childhood memories and inspire you to get those kids and grandkids to work around the house!

Happy Labor Day...may your day not be filled with hard work today!


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