How To Choose The Best Sports Streaming Services In Australia?

There are a lot of sports fans in Australia, so they enjoy streaming the games live online. There are many streaming services that offer unique sports programming, so it is often difficult to decide which one to subscribe to. It is imperative to consider various factors when choosing a subscription service. For instance, if you want to use 7plus outside Australia, you’ll have to use a VPN.

We've put together a list of the best sports streaming services for Australians below, which can help you choose what is right for you.

What do you need to look for before finalizing a sports streaming service?

When you are looking for a sports streaming service, there are several things that you need to consider before finalizing one. These include:

1. Determine your budget

When selecting a sports streaming service, the cost is an important deciding factor. You might receive less than you anticipated if you forego some premiums. 84% of people say it's the most crucial consideration when choosing a service, and 50% of them would stop using it if the worth didn't outweigh the cost.

If you wish to reduce your streaming prices, another potential trade is special services like live streaming. Live TV is a completely distinct genre and typically costs more.

2. Take your family's viewing habits into account

If you're sharing your streaming account with your partner or family members, it'd be best if you keep into their watching preferences along with yours. Most platforms offer the feature of creating multiple accounts within one account so you can do that as well.

3. Select bundles or add-ons for your subscription

In addition to your membership, a lot of services offer several add-ons that most people seem to overlook. Many sports streaming services provide an initial deal to get you to sign up, but they end up actually not providing as much as initially offered. To get the best out of your subscription, you might want to look around for some additional benefits the platform might be offering.

4. Look for the permissible number of screens

The majority of sports streaming TV services do have restrictions like limitation on the number of devices that may stream content at once.

With live TV streaming platforms, the maximum allowed number of screens is typically two or three. Before signing up for a streaming TV service, be aware of this information so you are not caught off guard.

5. Verify the app's suitability with different streaming devices

Since you aren't required to spend money for a satellite set or broadband connection to access your favorite sports program, the majority of people believe that live streaming is preferable to cable.

But, not all TVs are compatible with streaming services. If you're not yet prepared to purchase a smart TV, you can utilize any one of the streaming gadgets as a temporary solution. All you have to do is connect it straight to the HDMI/USB port on the TV.

6. Verify your internet connection can handle the streaming services

Understanding your existing internet plan's capacity to accommodate both streaming and non-streaming pursuits is crucial to choosing the best TV streaming service. Moreover, understanding the different types of sports streaming services that are available for you to explore is also just as important.

A 250 Mbps high-speed internet plan might be perfect for you if you enjoy streaming content online.

Best Sports Streaming Services In Australia

The good news is that if you enjoy watching sports on TV but don't want to pay for cable, there are plenty of ways to stream live events online. The best sports streaming services in Australia include:

  • 7 Plus

  • Foxtel Now

  • Optus Sports

  • Stan Sports

  • Kayo

1. Channel 7 or 7Plus

Every event from the Olympic Games will be broadcast on the platform's various channels and the credit goes to 7plus's acquisition of the rights. In addition to the Olympics, 7plus features many other sports, such as fishing shows, racetrack highlights, and the yearly Melbourne Cup. 

2. Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now features a wide range of sports reporting while not being a strictly specialized sports streaming service. The overall monthly price is $54, which may deter some sports lovers.

The Sports bundle contains channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, and beIN Sports, while the Basics package comprises Style of life, Comic, Documentary, News, Drama, and Entertainment content.

3. Optus Sports

Football fans are sure to enjoy this channel. After purchasing the license from Fox Sports, Optus Sport has been the world tournament's primary channel for several years.

4. Stan Sports

Stan Sport, one of the more recent entrants, has consistently added sports to its collection. The platform fought hard to secure access to the French Open, Wimbledon, and the UEFA football tournaments after initially focusing just on rugby content, along with the Bledisloe Cup, Super Rugby, and several Test match. 

5. Kayo

Unquestionably the best Australian sports streaming service, Kayo has made a name for itself by offering a comprehensive selection of sports that can be watched live. Fans won't get tired of Kayo's range of actions, which features sports like the NBA, AFL, NFL, NRL, and a plethora of other games to watch.

Final Words

With so many options, deciding which live sports streaming service is the best is difficult. Make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned factors and undoubtedly you'll pick the most suitable sports streaming service for yourself.


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