Must Watch German TV Shows

Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of TV shows one can watch or stream online without having to wait for eons for the next episode. For instance, Netflix drops have recently become quite popular. Among the many genres of shows available, you can’t help but be fascinated with German TV shows because of their ever-complicated storylines and mind-blowing performances. 

However, your excitement may pale when you realize due to geo-restrictions, you cannot stream the very shows you were looking forward to. A workaround is to get a German IP address using a VPN so that you can bypass geo-restrictions as if they never existed in the first place. 

And once you’re through, here are the shows you can definitely enthuse about after watching the later on:

Dark (2020 – 2017)

Directed and written by Baran bo Odar, Dark was Netflix’s first original German TV show, and it was an absolute hit with the audiences. The series starred Louis Hofmann and Lisa Vicari as the leading characters for the show set in a fictional German town called Winden. The story unfolds with a child’s disappearance, and the rest becomes history. Quite literally. 

Dark features one of the most complicated storylines interwoven with exceptional performances by actors, which are carried forward into generations of families. You can’t help but hang onto every frame as the series leaves you wanting more with its breathtaking sceneries and twists that you never see coming.

Lindenstraße or Linden Street (1985 – 2020)

Linden Street features everything you’d expect from a soap drama; evil twins, secret affairs, death by poison, and much more. Linden Street is set in Munich, Germany; although the show’s entirely fictional, there’s an actual street by such a name in Germany. 

Inspired by Britain’s “Coronation Street,” the story is based on the seemingly normal lives of people who just have a lot on their plate. The show tackles tough issues and also features a diverse cast that makes a huge difference. Based on German history, the show was the first one to feature a gay kiss on national television!

Linden Street’s also one of the longest-running shows in Germany, consisting of 1758 episodes.

Verbotene Liebe or Forbidden Love (1995 – 2015)

Another of the most popular soap operas in Germany includes Forbidden Love. The show has won a bunch of awards for portraying controversial issues like adultery, incest, drug abuse, and others. Set in Düsseldorf, it features interrelated family storylines and an abundance of overflowing emotions.

A relationship that takes the center focus of the drama includes Jan Brandner and Julian von Anstetten, twins who’re separated at birth and later on meet each other by a coincidence and fall in love with each other. 

If you enjoyed watching ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ this show’s the perfect pick for you to binge-watch as the characters explore their relationships and what they mean to them.

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens or In the Face of the Crime (2010)

In the Face of the Crime is a 10-part German TV series that depicts the story of the Russian mafia in Berlin. Even though the show didn’t garner much viewership during its airtime, it still received critical acclaim for its impressive cast and unique plotline. 

The story follows a police officer named Marek Gorsky, who, along with his partner, is investigating the Russian Mafia. However, it’s not an easy job for Gorsky as he struggles with the guilt of the unsolved murder case of his brother. It doesn’t help when his own sister is married to a Russian mobster.

Emotions are high in this case, where Gorsky has to keep his head in the game and make a living despite the demons haunting him.

Dogs of Berlin (2018 – )

A Turkish-German soccer player, Orkan Erdem gets murdered, and it’s up to two cops to investigate. However, one of them has ties to the underworld, because of which the case becomes a target of controversy. As the duo investigates, they explore bitter truths about the institution they work for, which didn’t paint a pretty picture. 

With rumors and tension surrounding Berlin, the citizens struggle to live normal lives with the Berlin Mafia, neo-Nazis, and pro-Turkish groups being at each other’s throats. Will the duo continue to hold out and have faith in their office, or will they also become a part of the rebellion?

Directed and written by Christian Alvart, the show’s a must-watch for thriller fans. The series is available on Netflix, so be sure to check it out. 


That’s all from our side. Hope you tune in to watch these thrilling TV shows, which will keep you at the edge of your seat. Let us know whether you liked our recommendations or not so we can recommend you to watch some more interesting shows to keep you busy. Have fun!


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