The Imperfects Ending Is a Cliffhanger: Will There Be Season 2?

The Imperfects is a very famous and exciting series on Netflix. The show's reviews have been excellent, and people can't wait for the second season to air. The first season ended on a cliffhanger, and the audience is left to speculate what happens next. The fans are very excited and are eagerly waiting for the creators to announce the dates for the next season. A lot more exciting stuff is available on Netflix for streamers. For details read more reviews on Netflix.

The show's main story revolves around three young people who gain supernatural powers after an unforeseen event. Their DNA got altered in an experiment they didn't sign up for, and they filled with rage. These three superhumans are now looking for answers.

One of the most challenging things about Netflix is that they often cancel most shows after the first season. Fans hope this show doesn't hit the chopping block like most. With such a unique series and a more excellent end, Netflix must go for season 2.

Creators have always criticized this; hence, writers like Micheal Green have given ideas on how to save the shows from being kicked out of Netflix after airing. He recently said that it's best to let the series run for the complete episodes so that the story gets enough credit. Of course, one must do this as quickly as possible. But this is not practically possible in most cases. Neil Gaiman recently said, "Binge-watching a show can increase the chances to get the next season." It might be a good idea, but nothing confirms the fact that a show will survive to get the following season.

The reviews for the show are fantastic, and people love it so far. So many tweets and fan pages are floating, enough to tell fans are pleading with Netflix for Season 2.

Sneak Peek into The Plot

The ending of the series was very confusing, and many fans still argue that the end was not what people expected. While the kids try to chase the scientists who performed the DNA mutation, the government has other plans. They captured the scientist, and it's all been haywire after that.

The character of Agent Sponson, played by Ron Selmour, is also very mysterious, and things don't seem to be going in his favor either.

The team was split at the beginning of the series, and in the end, they united to stop Sarkov and Dr. Burke.

Why did The Imperfects split?

The Imperfects decided that they wouldn't be able to defeat Sarkov if they stayed together. They also wanted to go through different paths to tackle the enemy. Unfortunately, Tilda also betrayed the other two, which led to the split of the leads.

But fans are aware that it was never possible for the Imperfects to defeat evil until they were united. Eventually, they come together, but the suspense continues.

What were Finch and Sarkov's Deals?

Markov was looking forward to Dr. Monday using the nanobots for the mega plan of destruction. Of course, the project depended on the superpower's mass distribution of the stem cells. But Tilda had plans of her own which led to the destruction of nanobots.

The Sonic power of Tilda was extreme, and none of the nanobots survived; hence Sarkov made a deal with Finch. He offered a deal in which Finch would help Sarkov; on the other hand, Finch would have complete control over Dr. Burke's body.

How does Dr. Burke become Head of Flux?

The story of Dr. Burke becoming the head of flux is also fascinating, and fans were taken aback by how things turned out. The change in the plot occurs when Finch, Dr. Burke's evil alter ego, is seen in control of the body, but she doesn't need to transform to get in control.

Finch seems content with her evil plots and gives a wicked smirk at the end, indicating she likely got everything she wanted from striking that deal.

Why are Juan and Abbi still struggling?

If the story gets any further in season 2, it will be because of Juan and Abbi. Juan's hands were seen transforming into claws, and things didn't seem very good with Abbi either. Abbi also discovered that Sarkov cured himself by altering his DNA. The curiosity about the cure has intensified more than ever.

The actual ending!

The ending seems confusing, narrowing the gap between humane and monstrous behavior. A fight for power where the Imperfects are getting involved in the hope that they'll find a cure.


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