Can You Pass The Passion Test? It’s Not What You Think
Can You Pass The Passion Test? It’s Not What You Think
By Judy Nichols Staff
  • Are you at a crossroad with your current 9 to 5 job, professional career or business?
  • Looking for new opportunities to make a work change, but not sure where to start?
  • Need to create an additional income stream or replace your existing one, but are unsure which way to go?
  • Perhaps you feel burnt out and jaded but want to experience more purpose, joy and meaning in your work?
  • Interested in finding something meaningful to do in retirement?

If you answered, ‘yes,’ to any of these questions you could benefit from taking The Passion Test; a simple system used in 64 countries around the world, as a direct and practical roadmap to re-discover your passion in life.

What is the Passion Test?

The Passion Test is a powerful way to get clear about the elements of your life which are most important to you. It’s an evidence-based, robust process which will help you to take stock and redefine your key priorities in life, career and business. Created by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, The Passion Test, is described in their New York Times best-selling book, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose.

When you take The Passion Test, you become clear about what you want to do as clarity supports decision-making, leading to the path for a fulfilled life. In turn, this will empower you to move forward with work, career and business choices.

Based upon three key areas of focus, The Passion Test encourages you to identify the following aspects.

  1. IntentionBeing able to state what you choose in life is the first step in creating it as a reality. The Passion Test helps you to become clear on what you intend for yourself, your work and your loved ones by uncovering your key priorities.
  2. AttentionAs you give attention to your Passion Test priorities, they will begin to show up in your life. The Passion Test explains the importance of placing your attention on the aspects of life you wish to develop and expand.
  3. No TensionWhen you know what you want, you give it your attention. This next step is to let go of how you imagine you will achieve your goals. As you follow the step of no tension, everything related to your priorities will become manifest in ways you had not imagined. This is the power of The Passion Test process.

Use The Passion Test to Discover What’s Important to You  

You can do the test yourself; it will help you discover what’s important to you and assist you to gain greater purpose, joy and meaning in your work. However, there is more to creating what you desire than simply gaining clarity, you also need to take action and make it happen for yourself. Sitting on the beach just thinking about your work or career and hoping for success won’t change a thing.

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