How to Explore Your Spirituality
How to Explore Your Spirituality Staff

Spiritual health is just as important as physical and mental health. It forms a key part of your overall well-being and, if neglected, it can cause you to lack fulfillment in your life or feel a sense of loss.

Many people search for a meaning or purpose in their lives. They want to figure out the reason that they have been put on Earth so they can fulfill their true potential.

Exploring your spirituality is one of the best ways to find this purpose and meaning. It gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and take on new perspectives that can propel you forward towards your dreams and desires.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is defined as a sense of connection to something above or something higher than us. It doesn’t always have to involve a specific religion or a certain set of beliefs.

Although many people associate spirituality with meditation and mindfulness, these things are not necessary for you to connect with your spirituality. You can practice being spiritual without regularly meditating.

Spirituality involves self-reflection. It requires you to take a step back and identify your values, beliefs, and challenges. This way, you can work on overcoming any current problems in your life while remaining true to yourself.

How to Become More Spiritual

There are so many amazing ways to begin and continue on your spiritual journey. There is no set path and each person will have their own unique experiences along their path to becoming more spiritual. It’s also important to note that spirituality is a continuous practice.

It’s not something that usually has an end goal or a destination, so you will always have the opportunity to explore new ideas and goals.

Here are some of the best ways in which you can start to explore your spirituality and strengthen the connection to your higher being.

Explore Religion

Religion and spirituality are not synonymous but they are closely connected. Religion is forever changing and there is bound to be a particular set of beliefs that resonates the most with you.

This doesn’t mean you need to follow a specific religion perfectly. You can adapt the important pillars of religion to suit your own beliefs.

By exploring the incredible teachings that various religious texts have to offer, you can connect with your higher self more easily. Sacred texts are open to your own interpretation. They provide a new perspective that you can use to improve your self-awareness and expand your mind.

You don’t have to sit there and read the bible every day. You can expand your knowledge by taking a look at the book of Mormon evidence or talking to others who subscribe to different religions. There are also lots of amazing online pages that can teach you the basics of religion in simple terms so that you can become to explore your own beliefs.

Practice Self-Care

Spirituality focuses on finding something that is greater than you, but it also requires you to focus on yourself.

Your spiritual journey isn’t complete with some sort of self-discovery. You need to work on improving your self-awareness and expanding your mind.

Self-care is personal. It’s what you find therapeutic and beneficial to your health. This might be taking long baths each night or exercising in the mornings. It might be lighting a scented candle and relaxing in front of the television or playing your favorite music.

Find what you enjoy doing! This will give your mental health a boost and can help you to become more open to new ideas and beliefs.

Your self-care practice doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time. Just a few minutes of self-care practice each day can significantly improve your mindset.

Spend Time Outdoors

The benefits of spending time outdoors are incredible. Being in nature can help you to become more self-aware and shows you that there is a huge world out there that is far beyond the reach of humans. This can help you to connect to your higher self.

Getting some fresh air and feeling the sunlight on your skin can promote well-being and stimulate the production of ‘happy’ hormones, including serotonin and dopamine.

This can boost your mental health and, in turn, your spiritual health. It also reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can make your spiritual journey more enjoyable.

You might wish to find a serene spot in nature to meditate. Whether you head to a park nearby to your home or you drive to the countryside, you can find a quiet place to sit and be at one with the nature around you.


Speaking of finding a place to meditate, having a regular meditative practice can help you along your spiritual journey.

Meditation is closely linked to spirituality because it enhances your self-awareness and teaches you to live in the present moment.

It does need to involve sitting on the floor in silence. You can meditate anywhere. You can even meditate while walking if you find this type of movement relaxing.

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, meditation requires you to listen to your thoughts and identify your feelings. You should accept your positive and negative thoughts without feeling the urge to act on them.

This is easier said than done, but the more your practice meditation, the easier this will become. Over time, you will get better at ignoring any negative thoughts so that you can learn to be more present.

Take just 10-20 minutes each day to practice meditation. Try and stick to a set routine as this will make it easier for you to stay motivated to meditate.

If you want to play some relaxing music in the background if you find this easier. Listen to the sounds around you and consider where each of your limbs is in relation to one another so you can appreciate the present moment.

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