Turning 60? Here’s How To Make It The Best Year Yet.
Turning 60? Here’s How To Make It The Best Year Yet.
Babyboomers.com Staff

This one’s a big one. Many people get intimidated by the prospect of hitting 60, as it’s a milestone most of us never expected we would reach. The likelihood is the number says 60 but you still feel in your mid-20s, so why let a number have any effect on the way you feel?

Here are a few tips on how to properly make the most of your 60th year.

Celebrate The Right Way

A fantastic way to put your anxieties to bed is to channel them into something exciting. Whether that means having a massive party with all your friends and family to celebrate you or doing an outing somewhere special, make the day one to look forward to. You want to remember it with fondness. Make your party extra special with Greenvelope’s sixtieth birthday party ideas. Their blog post on sixtieth birthday party ideas will give you food for thought. Greenvelope can help make eco-friendly, bespoke invitations, and beautiful thank you notes that will really make your birthday one to remember for you and all your invitees. They create beautiful products whilst also doing their bit to help the environment. Plan your party well in advance and get those beautiful invitations out so that everyone you adore will definitely be there. It will certainly be one to remember. 

Do Things You Enjoy With The People You Love

This is such a simple one but taking time out of your schedule to organize meetings and spend with the people that you are close to is so important to maintaining good relationships and stopping you from feeling anxious. Having things organised in advance will also prevent you from finding yourself bored throughout the week. Don’t pack in so much that you have no time to spend on yourself, but ensuring regular meetups with friends and family is so important to everyone’s mental state.

Invest In Your Mental Health

It’s never too late to start some self-care, and the best way to keep yourself happy and active is to start from within. Starting to do mindful activities away from screens such as going on walks, running, meditating, yoga, or reading will nurture your mental health, make your 60th year happier, and is an investment in your general health for the future as well. Keeping your mind active is the best way to keep your body young as well. Maybe you want to take an even more active approach and start therapy in some way. Whether you think you have mental health issues or not, therapy is a fantastic way to keep anxieties and issues in the day and will give you a clearer mindset to approach your 60s.

Take Up a New Sport

This is something that can seem intimidating but trying something completely new that you can get excited about and really enjoy can let you break old habits and feel rejuvenated. As mentioned before, a great one is yoga. Where it can be a dynamic workout that will keep you very strong, it’s also extremely mindful and can be a kind of moving meditation. After doing a few classes to get the basics, you can do it anywhere at any time, just roll out your mat and begin.

If you want a more physically challenging sport but enjoy the idea of sticking to a mat wherever and whenever try some Pilates. Similarly focused on core strength and using breath, Pilates will work and tone muscles slightly more intensely whilst maintaining the meditative feeling of yoga.

Cold swimming has become a very popular sport in recent years. Start in summer, find a local lido, and go every day. As the seasons change and the water gets colder, your body will adjust, and the cold will rejuvenate your body entirely.

Give Yourself A Holiday

Why not take yourself off somewhere different? Start your 60s with a holiday to remember, whether that means a trip of relaxation, sunbathing, and good food, or taking yourself off somewhere you have never been before and explore an entirely new part of the world. Experience new cultures, new cuisines, and maybe take a few months traveling around and seeing everything you haven’t before. However, if you are looking for more of a chilled, rejuvenating experience, booking a yoga holiday would do all the best things. Travel somewhere beautiful but work on your body and mind every day and you are sure to return to normal life refreshed. You could go with a partner or friend, but also why not make it a self-care journey and go alone?

It can certainly be daunting hitting milestone ages, but the best way to deal with it is to embrace it entirely and enjoy the opportunities it presents. Take time to focus on yourself and do the things that make you happy.

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