Dream Well Into the New Year
By Dr. Lisa Cowley

Presently with media describing all the political turmoil and numbers of those who have tragically passed on due to Covid-19, you may find yourself swept up by these events. It is important to remember to be compassionate and helpful to others but also to remember that you are not any good to others unless you take care of yourself. One way that we renew ourselves at the beginning of each New Year is to create a vision board. A vision board is where all your dreams and goals are on full display in the form of images, quotes, affirmations and drawings. It is a wonderful tool for manifesting your dreams. It’s fairly easy to personalize your own board. Buy a piece of large poster board at your local grocery store, get out some old magazines and photos-have your scissors, glue and permanent marker close by-and get ready to create. Whatever images and words/phrases attract your attention while sifting through the magazines, goes on the board. Everything that matches what you want to be, do and have in the future is there on the board.

Once you are finished with cutting, gluing and drawing images on the poster paper, have your vision board on display where you can look at it daily.  Concentrate on a certain image or word that pops off the board that day and then create space for that image by following these steps.

Step 1: Be clear with what you desire- if you are unclear with your request or don’t believe you deserve this manifestation you are not sending a clear signal to the universe. Sit with a trusted friend, trained therapist or journal write to help you get clearer.

Step 2:   Trust the process. Sometimes one door closes, another opens. Other times what you requested, doesn’t occur exactly the way you anticipated, and something better comes about. Don’t be concerned with the specifics of how something will come your way, because you are not control of the how.

Step 3: Be in the moment and ready to receive. This may seem very obvious but is very important because manifesting is a passive/receptive event and if you are so busy and distracted by pushing to make things happen, you may be actually slowing the process down instead of creating the speed by getting out of your own way. Our friend, Dave, recently shared the story of placing a photo of a red truck on his vision board. Soon afterwards a co-worker causally mentioned to Dave how he was going to sell his truck. It wasn’t the color, red, but the truck in every other way was perfect and became his dream vehicle.

Have fun with your yearly vision board and the years ahead. Remember that as the wise Indian chief said in the movie “Grey Owl”, “Men and women become what they dream.” Remember to dream well.

Dr. Lisa Cowley, a holistic chiropractor and nutritional counselor of 25 years, along with her husband, Victor Westgate, a high school educator of 34 years, are authors of Pack Lightly: Making Sense of the Second Half of Your Life. You can learn more at: www.joyinaging.com


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