How to Watch Movies Through Your TV

Technology is an ever-evolving process and through TV enhancements, we now have additional ways to watch movies other than through live TV. Live TV is still great to resort to when looking to watch a film. Channels such as BBC One, Film4, Channel 4, and ITV are only some channels that broadcast movies weekly. To catch these films, you need access to aerial TV, for any TV aerial installation needs click here. However, there are now alternative options to watch movies through your TV, keep reading to find out.

Smart TV 

The most common way to watch movies through your TV is through your smart TV. A smart TV is a flat-screen device that incorporates an internet connection to your TV. The device provides you with the ability to download apps according to your preference, and from there you can begin creating an account to access movies. Some dominating movie streaming apps include the market-leading Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Through these apps, although they are free to download, you must set up an account and pay a monthly subscription to access all of the content. To give you a rough guideline to these prices, Netflix charges a standard account a price of £5.99 in the UK for viewing on one device only, and if you would like to upgrade the account to watch on two devices, the total monthly price is £9.99. For an extra £4 this feature is particularly beneficial for families who all use the same account to watch their favourite films and shows.

Connect your laptop 

By using a simple, affordable HDMI cable you can mirror your laptop onto your TV screen. Easily connect the cable to the compatible side of the TV and the laptop, and simply switch through the source option to find the HDMI input that correlates with the cable. From here, you can simply use your laptop to access streaming platforms online such as all of the above that were explained as well as YouTube, another platform that provides you with movies and other entertainment on a more realistic and personal level. Ensure that you have a suitable table for the laptop to sit on and make sure that the cable is out of the way. A pull of the cable could result in damage to the cable and more severely the laptop or TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 

This device works brilliantly for those who have a normal TV, an Amazon account, and would like to incorporate smart TV features without having to purchase a brand-new TV. The small device simply plugs into a compatible TV via the USB port, takes you to the sign-in section, and once this is complete, you have access to your downloaded and purchased content within your Amazon account. From here, select whichever streaming service you prefer and watch movies through your TV. This device is perfect for those who enjoy traveling and would rather avoid taking their laptop for entertainment purposes, especially when there would be a TV in their chosen accommodation. The device and its Bluetooth remote are small, sleek, and easy to transport so you can't go wrong!

Apple TV

Apple TV offers the same concept as an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The device also allows you to stream apps by plugging it into your TV. Again, this device effectively turns a normal TV into a smart TV and operates through a Bluetooth remote. Much like Amazon, you also require an account, however, this time through the form of one Apple ID. Any purchases can also be made directly to your apple account.

DVD or Blu-Ray

If you prefer a more old-school and traditional approach to watch movies through your TV, opt for a DVD player or Blu-Ray. These devices are much more uncommon to purchase however, those who already possess them may prefer to continue using them instead of adapting to the slightly more complicated Smart TV and streaming alternative. Blu-Ray players are slightly more advance than standard DVD players as they feature HD quality and the ability to store more data through specific Blu-Ray DVDs. This is an easy way to watch films that you currently have and as well as this, stores and online retailers continue to sell DVDs so you will not be lost for choice.

Aerial TV

Just to highlight again, aerial TV is another option to watch movies through your TV which is free of charge with a TV aerial. Visit for any aerial installation inquires. You can easily check the Freeview guide online to view when movies will be shown. As streaming services rely on an internet connection, you know that you do not need to be dependent on Wi-Fi to watch films on live TV.

Whether it's cable service or Streaming service it really depends on what you want to watch and how you enjoy these services. If you want to know about the comparison between these two services, click here to learn more.


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