The Finest Television Writers Around

Television has without a shadow of a doubt greatly influenced pop culture. That's precisely how it has had a huge impact on society in general. People watch television programs enthusiastically beginning in their childhood. They often remember favorite episodes by heart. Needless to say, the creative talents who write for television programs have had bigger effects on human beings than they most likely even realize. There have been several writers who have been particularly big forces in the vast world of entertainment. It can help to learn about these people as a means of racking up significant knowledge that relates to how audiences tick.

Roger Wolfson is the name of an incredibly talented television writer who has been hard at work for many years and counting. He's a United States native who has worked on widely known television programs such as Saving Grace, Law & Order, and Fairly Legal. Law & Order is a long-running television show that has seemingly endless numbers of fans all around the nation and planet. That's why it comes as no huge surprise that Wolfson has racked up a lot of praise in the entertainment community. New Haven, Connecticut is this diligent man's hometown.

Aaron Sorkin is practically a household name among big fans of television efforts of all kinds. He's been steadily working on television programs for several decades so far. He actually has been doing so since all the way back in the eighties. He's been linked to prominent television favorites such as West Wing, Sports Night, The Newsroom, and, finally, Studio 60 on Hollywood Strip. Sorkin also is no stranger to the film sector. He's done a lot for movies, including but not limited to A Few Good Men, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Enemy of the State, and even Malice.

Shonda Rimes is a huge force to be reckoned with in the vast entertainment field, and with good reason. This lady is associated with famed television offerings such as Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy has been lighting up the small screen for many years at this point. That's how Rimes has made a huge difference to people who care about entertainment. This woman from Chicago isn't just known for Grey's Anatomy, however. That's because she's had an illustrious career that has actually covered many bases. She's functioned as a diligent executive producer for all kinds of television staples. People often know her due to her work with Off the Map, a show that's part of the ABC network.

There are many strong female talents making waves in the television writing realm in this day and age. Jenji Kohan is like Rimes in that she's done a lot to advance causes for skilled women in the television writing sector. People often associated this powerhouse with her work on the Netflix power player "Orange Is the New Black." Orange Is the New Black is a comedy program that delved into the lives of female inmates in the New York region.

Jennifer Konner is yet another female dynamo in the television writing universe. People appreciate how she's been able to pen many female characters who are strong-willed. She has a strong track record due to her work with the beloved "Girls" from HBO. Girls also happens to be the show that made Lena Dunham a huge star. It contributed to the meteoric rises of others such as Adam Driver as well. He went on to become a Star Wars sensation after getting his start with the HBO phenomenon back in 2012 or so.

Game of Thrones was an HBO craze that delighted the entire world. It first hit the scene in 2011 and enchanted audiences all over the planet for close to a full decade after that. People couldn't get enough of the work of creator David Benioff. This New York, New York native isn't just the man who made Game of Thrones come to life in the first place. That's because he's also the person who put so much time into writing enthralling episodes for viewers. He has a team member by the name of D.B. Weiss. They do a lot of writing work as a duo.

People who are passionate about television gems have no shortage of thrilling options thanks to all of these undeniable writing wizards.


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